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  1. A person who has obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher in Korea, a person who has obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher in a foreign country, or a person recommended by the head of a related central administrative agency.
  2. Possesses intellectual property rights or has equivalent technical skills.
    1. Intellectual property rights recognized in accordance with domestic laws, such as patent rights (Patent Act), utility model rights (Utility Model Act), design rights (Design Protection Act), trademark rights (Trademark Act), and copyrights (Copyright Act)
    2. Refers to a foreigner’s start-up item selected for a government-supported project based on laws such as the “Small and Medium Business Startup Support Act”, limited to the case where the foreigner is the selected party
  3. Established a Korean corporation and completed corporate registration and business registration.
  1. Application form, passport, photo
  2. Copy of all corporate registration information and business registration certificate
  3. A copy of the degree certificate or a letter of recommendation from the head of the relevant central administrative agency
  4. Documents to prove the point system
    1. The holder of (registration) of intellectual property rights is a copy of the patent certificate, credit model registration certificate, and design registration certificate.
    2. Applicants for patents, etc. must apply for a certificate issued by the Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office.
    3. Proof of completion (completion, graduation) of the OASIS related items issued by the head of the “Global Startup Immigration Center” designated by the Minister of Justice, confirmation of awards, and official selection documents, etc.
    4. Other points system related items, etc. Proof documents

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