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Investor Visa for Public Works / Retirement Immigrant Visa

2021-10-11BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

Investor Visa for Public Works / Retirement Investment Immigration System If you invest in a principal-guaranteed interest-free fund determined by

F-5-1 General Permanent Residence Application Documents

2021-05-18BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

F-5-1 Application for permanent residence for foreigners staying for more than 5 years (general permanent residence card) Foreigners who have regis

F-5-9 Visa (Permanent Residence for Overseas Advanced Doctoral Degree Holders)

2021-05-06BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

F-5-9 visa (permanent residence for those with a doctoral degree in a high-tech field abroad) The biggest advantage of the F-5-9 visa is that you c

F-5-10 Permanent Resident Card (Bachelor’s Master’s Degree Holder)

2021-05-05BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

F-5-10 Bachelor’s or Master’s degree holders apply for permanent residency The advantage of F-5-10 permanent residency is that you can

Change from F-4 to F-5

2021-03-27BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

F-4 Application for permanent residence for Koreans overseas F-5 Permanent Residency Application for Overseas Koreans with F4 Visa Learn about the

27 Basic Conditions for F-5 Permanent Residency Types

2021-03-26BY Immikorea

There are 27 types of methods to apply for F-5 Permanent Residence, depending on the applicant’s circumstances. Permanent residency is to rec

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