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F-6 Visa: As exchanges between countries become more active, international marriages are also increasing rapidly. According to statistics, 10% of Korean marriages are with foreigners. Now, Korea is also entering into a multi-ethnic country rather than a mono-ethnic country.

The F6 visa is acquired through marriage with a Korean. Therefore, in order to have a stable marriage, you must pass basic requirements such as the Korean spouse’s income, sincerity of marriage, and communication. This is to protect the human rights of foreign spouses from being violated through marriage without sincerity and to help them adapt well to Korean society.

Marriage must be registered in advance when applying for F6 visa.

If a foreign spouse is staying in Korea with a long-term visa, an F6 visa can be issued by registering the marriage only in Korea. However, when applying for a visa at a foreign consulate, there are many cases in which marriage must be registered in both countries.

In order to register a marriage in Korea, you must have a marriage requirement certificate proving that you are unmarried. (It is usually called a certificate of unmarriage, but the name differs from country to country.)

Required Documents for Marriage Registration at Korean Ward Office

  1. Identification: passport, alien registration card, resident registration card
  2. Certificate of Marriage Requirements (Certificate of Singleness) Original
  3. Translation of Certificate of Marriage Requirements
  4. marriage registration

Marriage Registration Learn more

When a foreign spouse is staying abroad (by invitation)

F6 visa applications must be applied at the Korean consulate in the country where the foreign spouse is staying. Korean spouses must prepare the documents required for visa application and send them to the spouse. Because it is submitted to the Korean consulate, there is no need for translation or notarization of Korean documents.

When a foreign spouse is staying in Korea with a long-term visa (Visa change)

If your foreign spouse already holds a long-term visa and is residing in Korea, you can apply for a change of status of stay at the Korean Immigration Office.

If you entered Korea with a short-term visa

There are many cases where you enter the country with a tourist visa or without a visa and go through procedures such as marriage registration, but in this case, you cannot apply for a marriage visa in Korea. In this case, you do not have to go to your spouse’s home country, and you can enter the country by obtaining a visa from a Korean consulate in Japan or China nearby.

Exceptions can be made in Korea in the following cases.

  1. If you have children
  2. pregnant woman, expectant mother
  3. If you have a serious illness
  4. other humanitarian reasons

In the case of the F6 visa, the screening standard seems low, with an annual income of 20 million won for two people, but surprisingly, many people cannot pass it.

Income subject to examination means the income reported to the tax office, and will be proved by the income amount certificate issued by the tax office. For those who work as freelancers or self-employed people who mainly transact in cash, there are cases where there is an income but there is no reported income, so it is difficult.

Types of Income Recognized

  1. Wage and salary income + business income + real estate rental income + interest income + dividend income + pension income earned by the inviter in the last year can be combined
  2. 5% of property (deposits, insurance, securities, bonds, real estate) is recognized as income. Only net assets excluding liabilities are recognized as assets held for more than six months.
  3. Possible with the income of immediate family members living in the same household according to resident registration
  4. Foreign spouse’s income in Korea is also possible
  5. Income can be calculated from the amount of health insurance premiums paid by local subscribers
    • (Average health insurance premium per year ÷ 3.43% × December = estimated annual income)
    • Example KRW 55,000 ÷ 3.43% × December = Estimated at KRW 19,241,983

F6 visa income standard (as of 2022)

division2 people3 people4 people5 people6 people7 people

When it comes to international marriages, there are many stories and reasons. It is said that love has no borders, but there are many unusual cases that are difficult for ordinary people to understand, and there are also many cases of fake marriages to obtain visas.

In particular, if there is a large age difference, if the dating period is short, if you were introduced through a marriage broker, if you met on the Internet and never met in person before marriage, if you have been married to a foreigner several times, etc. If you marry a foreigner again after acquiring

We must assume that a stern scrutiny applies to unusual marriages.

Therefore, it is very important to prepare and submit materials proving the dating history and the authenticity of the marriage. Photos taken during dating, wedding photos, photos with both family members, social media conversation history, call history, etc. should be well organized and submitted. If there are still doubts, immigration officials may actually visit your home and investigate.

It is also important to prove communication between husband and wife for the F6 visa, and you need to prove that you can communicate in a foreign language, even if it is not Korean. In general, proof documents are submitted. If you can speak well but cannot write, and it is difficult to submit proof documents, you can also do it through an interview.

When marriage immigrants (foreigners) can communicate in Korean (optional)

  1. Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) Level 1 Certificate
  2. Social Integration Program (KIIP) Level 2 or higher completion certificate
  3. Certificate of completion proving that you have completed the beginner Korean language course at a designated educational institution
  4. Marriage immigrants must obtain a degree in Korean language
  5. If you are a Korean national with a foreign nationality and your Korean proficiency has been demonstrated
  6. Immigration record of consecutive stays in Korea for at least one year in the past

When a Korean can communicate in a foreign language (optional)

  1. If a Korean has lived in a country where the marriage immigrant’s mother tongue is commonly used for more than one year in the past
  2. In case a Korean is a naturalized citizen and the language of the country of former nationality is the same as the mother tongue of the marriage immigrant
  3. If an immigrant married to a Korean has lived in a country where three languages are used as official languages for more than one year in the past
  1. In case the couple has lived abroad for more than 1 year (excluding common-law marriage)
  2. If the couple has children
  1. Those who have been married to a foreigner within the last 5 years are restricted from applying.
  2. If you are a Korean who acquired Korean nationality as a naturalized citizen through marriage, you can apply if 3 years have elapsed since you acquired Korean nationality.
  3. Short-term visas, illegal aliens, those permitted to extend the period of stay for departure, general criminal offenders, and G-1 visa holders cannot apply in Korea.

Basic documents

  1. Original passport, photocopy
  2. Alien Registration Card
  3. Alien Occupation and Annual Income Amount Declaration
  4. Proof of income amount, credit information inquiry
  5. 1 photo
  6. Marriage relationship certificate
  7. Basic certificate
  8. Family Relations Certificate
  9. ID card
  10. Original identity document
  11. lease agreement
  12. Confirmation of Provision of Accommodation
  13. invitation letter for foreign spouse
  14. Marriage background statement of foreign spouse
  15. Foreign spouse’s criminal record certificate (Apostille or consul confirmation)
  16. Tuberculosis certificate (if applicable)

Additional documents if necessary

  1. Health insurance premium payment confirmation (if income is verified)
  2. Statement of Family Income Status of Invited Foreign Spouse (if proven by family income)
  3. Family relationship certificate or birth certificate in the name of the child (if there are children)

Spouse’s Nationality

  • If your foreign spouse’s nationality is China, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, or Thailand, you must complete the program to obtain a marriage immigration (F-6) visa. This is to reduce the side effects of international marriage and help people adapt to Korean culture and life in Korea.

In the case of a target country

  • – International Marriage Guide Program completion certificate (within 5 years from the issuance date)
  • – Overseas criminal record certificate of foreign spouse (issued within 3 months)
    – Health certificate of both parties to the marriage (issued within 6 months)


  • – If you can prove your relationship while staying in your foreign spouse’s country for more than 6 months or studying abroad, dispatched, working, or staying in a third country on a long-term visa
  • – The foreign spouse has legally stayed in Korea for more than 91 days
  • – If there is a special reason such as pregnancy or childbirth
  • – If humanitarian consideration is required, submit all materials such as call statements, guarantees of friendship, photos, and e-mails.

Apply for the International Marriage Guide Program

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