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D-8-4 Investment Visa in Korea (Technology Startup)

2023-01-07BY Immikorea

D-8-4 Basic Requirements for Investment Visa D-8-4 A person who has obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher in Korea, a person who has obtaine

D-8-3 Investment Visa to Korean companies

2023-01-07BY Immikorea

D-8-3 Investor visa basic requirements The D-8-3 investment visa is to invest in a company run by a Korean in the form of a partnership. basic requ

D8 Visa : Dispatched to a Korean foreign investment company

2022-12-30BY Immikorea

D8 Visa: Dispatch of executives of “Korean investment companies” of overseas corporations The D8 visa is divided into individual invest

Korea Real Estate Investment Visa (IISRE)

2022-12-24BY Immikorea

Korea real estate investment visa immigration system is a foreign investment system that grants a residence visa (F2 visa) to foreigners who have i

D8 Visa Qualification and Application Procedure

2022-12-22BY Immikorea

D8 visa types The D8 visa is a visa that foreigners are issued to do business in Korea. A form in which an individual directly creates and operates