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D8 Visa Extension

2023-06-22BY Immikorea

Main points of D8 visa extension The main point of the D8 visa extension review is business performance. Since the D8 visa is an investment visa re

D8 Visa : Dispatched to a Korean foreign investment company

2022-12-30BY Immikorea

D8 Visa: Dispatch of executives of “Korean investment companies” of overseas corporations The D8 visa is divided into individual invest

Korea Real Estate Investment Visa Details and Procedures (IISRE)

2022-12-24BY Immikorea

The Korean real estate investment visa immigration system is a foreign investment system that grants a residence visa (F2 visa) to foreigners who h

D8 Visa Qualification and Application Procedure

2022-12-22BY Immikorea

D8 visa types The D8 visa is for foreigners who are issued to do business in Korea. D8-1 visa : A form in which an individual directly creates and

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