2023-01-08BY Immikorea


A person whose marriage has been severed due to divorce or other reasons while staying on an F-6-1 visa, who is raising a child born to a Korean spouse, or who has the right to negotiate an interview, continues to stay in Korea with an F-6-2 visa. can stay.

  1. Have custody of children
  2. If there is no custody, the interview rights have not been restricted by a family court decision.
  3. Whether there is ongoing interaction with the child
  1. application
  2. Picture
  3. Basic certificate in the name of the child
  4. Certificate of family relations in the name of the child
  5. divorce decree
  6. Photos showing continued interaction with children
  7. Documents proving the place of residence
  8. Other documents required for examination
  1. renewed annually
  2. Permission until the day the child becomes an adult
  3. If you raised your child yourself, you can change and stay on the F-2-15 visa even if your child becomes an adult.

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