Digital Nomad Visa in Korea Requirements and Documents

2024-01-08BY Immikorea

Digital Nomad Visa Enforcement (2024.1.1) The Digital Nomad Visa has been in effect since January 1, 2024 in South Korea. Until now, foreigners visiting South Korea who were able to work remotely from

F-5-16 Green Card (change from F-2-7 visa to F-5 visa)

2023-10-18BY Immikorea

F-5-16 Requirements for applying for a green card The F-5-16 green card can be applied for by F-2-7 visa holders. All of the following conditions must be met 1. length of stay – Staying in Korea

Permanent Residents : Procedures for Applying Nationality and Documents to be submitted (general naturalization)

2023-10-05BY Immikorea

Permanent resident applicants for nationality Permanent resident applicants for nationality are foreigners who have never become Korean citizens after birth and have permanent residency. Nationality A

D8비자 투자비자 발급요건과 신청 절차 서류

2023-08-07BY Immikorea

D8비자 종류 D8비자 투자는 외국인이 한국에서 사업을 하기 위해 발급 받는 비자입니다.  D-8-1 비자 : 개인이 직접 한국에 법인 회사를 만들어 운영을 하

Change from E-7-4 visa to F-2-99 visa

2023-07-14BY Immikorea

E-7-4 change to F-2-99 F-2-99 application for E-7-4 visa holders If you have been in the E-7-4 status for more than 5 years, you can apply for an F-2-99 visa. Although the regulations seem very strict

D-10 Visa Job Search Visa Intern Hiring Process and Documents

2023-07-14BY Immikorea

D-10 visa scope of activity Hiring foreign interns on D-10 visas Foreign nationals on a D-10 visa can train as interns with companies or organizations during their job search. The wage requirement is

D8 visa case (metal export business)

2023-07-12BY Immikorea

Case of issuance of D8 visa for export of scrap metal and non-ferrous metal (increased capital to a foreign-invested corporation) D8 visa request details 00 Metal Company was established as a foreign-

liaison office set up in Korea

2023-07-12BY Immikorea

liaison office Purpose and tasks liaison office is established to carry out tasks such as local contact work, market research, research and development, and contracts before a foreign company starts f

Requirements and Procedures for Establishing a Foreign Investment Corporation

2023-07-12BY Immikorea

Foreign investment corporation capital In the case of establishing a foreign investment corporation, a foreign company or foreigner must invest KRW 50 million or more. However, in reality, procedures

Korean branch of a foreign company procedure and document agency

2023-07-10BY Immikorea

Korean branch of a foreign company Establishment  Korean branch of a foreign company makes that it is possible to establish a company in Korea that can conduct business activities without burdeni