E-6 visa issuance procedure and qualifications (art, performance, broadcasting, sports)

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E-6 visa applicants and scope of activities The E-6 visa allows you to live in Korea for more than 90 days and perform artistic activities such as performances, film shooting, entertainment broadcasti

Preparatory documents for residence permit application and expedited issuance procedure

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Documents to prepare for residence permit application and expedited issuance procedure Application for residence permit is a race against time When I work as a proxy for residence permit application,

Permanent resident nationality application process and documents to be submitted (general naturalization)

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Permanent resident applicants for nationality Permanent resident applicants for nationality are foreigners who have never become Korean citizens after birth and have permanent residency. Nationality A

Simple naturalization procedure for acquiring nationality (parents are Korean)

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In the case of simplified naturalization, you can apply if your parents were Korean nationals, and in the case of maintaining or severing the marriage. In this article, we will look at the case where

Application for Special Naturalization Nationality (Child of a Citizen)

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Persons eligible for simplified naturalization A person whose father or mother is a citizen of the Republic of Korea. – However, those adopted after reaching the age of majority under the Civil

D-4-3 Student Visa (Educational Institutions Below High School)

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D-4-3 Student Visa If you want to study at an educational institution below high school in Korea, you will receive a D-4-3 visa. It is also possible to enter the country with one parent as a guardian.

Foreign Incorporation Procedure

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Foreign Incorporation Procedure Foreign Investment Report Remittance of foreign investment funds Company incorporation registration Business registration and incorporation report Transfer of paid-in c

D8 Visa Investment Visa Issuance Requirements and Application Procedure Documents

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D8 Visa: What kind of visa is an investment visa? D8 Visa Investment Visa is a visa issued to foreigners when they do business in Korea. Although the Ministry of Justice actively permits foreign inves

Investor Visa for Public Works / Retirement Immigrant Visa

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Investor Visa for Public Works / Retirement Investment Immigration System If you invest in a principal-guaranteed interest-free fund determined by the Minister of Justice, you will be granted a reside

Real Estate Investment Immigration

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It is a foreign investment system that grants domestic resident status (F-2) to foreigners who purchase domestic real estate for a certain amount or more, and allows permanent residence (F-5) if they

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