Permanent resident application for nationality

Permanent resident applicants for nationality are foreigners who have never become Korean citizens after birth and have permanent residency.

  1. Must have an address in Korea continuously for at least 5 years
    • – Period of stay in Korea after a foreigner has completed legal alien registration (excluding period of stay abroad)
  2. You must have a status of residence that allows you to stay permanently in Korea
  3. Must be of the age of majority under the Civil Code of Korea
  4. Must meet the requirements for conduct judgment
  5. Be able to make a living for yourself or your family
  6. It must be recognized by the Minister of Justice that it does not impair national security, order maintenance, and public welfare;
  1. Application for naturalization permit
  2. 1 copy of passport
  3. If the applicant for naturalization permission is Korean-Chinese, an official document issued by China stating that he/she is a Korean-Chinese when his/her name is written in Korean pronunciation instead of the original pronunciation.
  4. Financial documents (select 1)
    1. Proof of income above GNI of the previous year
    2. Proof of financial assets of 60 million won or more (deposits, savings accounts, securities, etc.)
    3. Documents proving ownership of real estate worth 60 million won or more (including rental deposit)
  5. 2 or more letters of recommendation
    1. Recommendation: 2 or more Koreans
    2. Qualifications for recommenders: Korean nationals who have a lasting relationship with the applicant for naturalization permit, such as co-workers, neighbors, bankbooks, and transfer accounts, and can write recommendations regardless of occupation or social status.
    3. Attach the recommender’s ID or employment certificate
  6. Family Relations Notice
  7. One copy of each explanatory document regarding the status of the applicant for naturalization permit, such as parents, spouse, children, married or unmarried, adoption, etc.
  8. A certificate issued by the embassy or consulate of the country of origin stating the date of birth of the applicant for naturalization permission newly specified
  9. Overseas criminal record certificate
  10. Fee 300,000 won / Documents written in a foreign language must be translated into Korean, and the translator’s name and contact information
  1. Those who have completed Step 5 of the Social Integration Program and passed the Comprehensive Evaluation for Naturalization are exempted from the naturalization interview screening if they submit a Certificate of Passing the Comprehensive Evaluation for Naturalization (Completion).
  2. Those who applied for nationality from March 1, 2018 can take the comprehensive evaluation (comprehensive evaluation for naturalization) for naturalization applicants up to 3 times within one year from the date of application. You must pass this and pass the naturalization interview.

Nationality check It is the normal period from the date of application to the date of final approval (or disapproval), and may vary from person to person. The main contents of the evaluation include comprehensive evaluation of social integration program, interview screening related matters, fact-finding (re-investigation), supplementary documents, and opinion inquiry of related organizations (criminal/investigation history, background inquiry), etc.


Examination period

When to apply

marriage naturalization

A person who applied for naturalization on the ground of marriage

※However, taking into account the period of marriage, family type, child rearing status, etc. Simplified fact-finding if about 9 month

about 18 months

(9 months)

Before March 2020

(2020 year 12 month before )

special naturalization

interview target

Nationality Restoration/Child of Naturalized Person

minor adoption

about 18 months

Before March 2020

interview waiver

a person under the age of 15

about 8 months

Before January 2021

simple naturalization

A person whose father or mother was a citizen of the Republic of Korea

about 18 months

Before March 2020

People born in Korea

about 12 months

Before September 2020

Adopted person of adulthood

about 18 months

Before March 2020

general naturalization

A person who has lived in Korea for more than 5 years and has a permanent resident status

about 18 months

Before March 2020

nationality recovery

Applicants for restoration of nationality

about 6 months

Before March 2021

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