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F-5-11 Holder of ability in a specific field

2022-12-25BY Immikorea

F-5-11 Permanent Residency: Point System The F-5-11 visa grants permanent residency to those with outstanding abilities in specific fields such as

IISPB : immigrant investor scheme for public business

2022-12-24BY Immikorea

IISPB Investment Visa / Permanent Residence IISPB Investment Visa has been amended on June 29, 2023. Major points of revision IISPB investment immi

F-5-13 Overseas pension beneficiaries

2022-12-24BY Immikorea

F-5-13 Permanent Resident You can apply for F-5-13 permanent residency if you are staying in Korea on a long-term visa for one year or more while r

F-5-10 Bachelor’s or Master’s degree holders

2022-12-24BY Immikorea

F-5-10 Permanent Residence: Bachelor’s, Master’s holder F-5-10 permanent residency can be applied with only a bachelor’s or maste

F-5 KoreanPermanent Residency (27 Type)

2022-12-24BY Immikorea

F-5 Korean permanent residency is divided into 27 types depending on the applicant’s conditions. Permanent residency is the right to permanen

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