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F-5-1 General permanent residence card for those who have stayed more than 5 years

F-5-1  General Permanent Residence (staying for 5 years or more)

  • Foreigners who have registered as aliens in Korea and have stayed for more than 5 years can apply for permanent residency. All requirements for legal compliance, income, and KIIP must be met.

F-5-1 Permanent residency application

  1. A person who has stayed in Korea for more than 5 years with a D-7 through E-7 or F-2 visa
  2. Continuous stay in the Republic of Korea for 5 years or more as of the date of application with the status of residence stipulated above
  3. The past sojourn period is excluded, and in the case of a change of status between the sojourn qualifications stipulated in the above without complete departure, each sojourn period can be added up.

Permanent Residence Law Compliance Requirements

  1. domestic crime
    1. A person sentenced for a particularly violent crime
    2. A person who has been sentenced to a prison term of imprisonment or heavier or probation and for whom 5 years have not passed since the end of the sentence
    3. A person who has been sentenced to a fine and for whom three years have not passed
    4. Immigration Control Act  A person for whom 5 years have passed since the date of violation of Article 12
    5. A person who has violated the Immigration Control Act three or more times in the past five years
    6. Those who have not passed 7 years since they left the country after being deported or who have not passed 5 years since they were ordered to leave the country
    7. Persons who have received a penalty of 5 million won or more in the last 3 years, or whose combined fines are 7 million won or more
  2. overseas crime
    1. Those who have been sentenced to specific violent crimes, threats, fraud, drunk driving three or more times, voice phishing, and drug crimes
    2. Restriction of permission for 10 years for those sentenced to imprisonment or heavier punishment.
  3. In the case of minor law violations that do not fall under the above, permission is granted after completion of law-abiding citizenship training.

 Permanent Resident Income Requirements

  1. Annual income more than twice GNI
  2. If proven by assets, they must be at least 1.5 times the average net worth per household in Korea. (housing, land, fund, savings, insurance, stocks, bonds, deposit for monthly rent)
  3. You can combine the income of yourself and your family (spouse, minor children, parents). However, your income or assets must be at least 50%. 
  4. For D-8 visa holders, the annual average sales for the two years prior to the year in which the application date falls must be at least KRW 1 billion.
  5. For D-9 visa holders, average annual exports for the two years prior to the year in which the application date falls  Must be more than 500 million won or more than 1 billion won in annual average sales.
  6. However, installation of export facilities. Exemption from application for operation and maintenance personnel, ship construction, and facility production supervision

KIIP requirements

  1. Certificate of completion of the 5th stage of KIIP
  2. A score of 60 or higher on the comprehensive test for permanent residency or naturalization

Learn about the Social Integration Program (KIIP)

F-5-1 Permanent Residence Application Documents

  1. Integrated application
  2. Passport, registration card
  3. Permanent Resident Qualification Report
  4. Identity guarantee
  5. Income proof documents
  6. KIIP completion certificate
  7. Overseas criminal record certificate
  8. Tuberculosis Screening Confirmation
  9. Documents proving the place of stay
  10. Government income stamp and registration fee 230,000 won
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