2022-12-24BY Immikorea

You can apply for F-5-13 permanent residency if you are staying in Korea on a long-term visa for one year or more while receiving a pension from abroad.

  1. Age over 60 years old
  2. Persons receiving pensions from foreign countries that exceed the amount determined by the Minister of Justice of Korea
  3. Those who have been staying in Korea for more than 1 year on a legal visa

Social Immigration Program (KIIP), Korean proficiency test exemption

1. The amount of pension received abroad for one year prior to the date of application for permanent residency must be more than twice the Korean GNI

2. You must prove the pension you have already received in the past year and are not applying for a certificate of future pension.

  1. Copy of pension certificate (Apostille)
  2. Pension deposit passbook
  3. Identity guarantee
  4. Overseas criminal record certificate
  5. Documents proving the place of stay
  6. integrated application
  7. Other required documents