Foreign corporation establishment & D8 visa



In the case of establishing a foreign-invested corporation, a foreign company or foreigner must invest at least KRW 50 million. However, in reality, you have to invest more than 100 million won to proceed smoothly at the bank or tax office.


D8 Visa Requirements & Procedures

In order to get a D8 visa, you must remit an investment of at least KRW 100 million from overseas to Korea. Investment notification, bank account opening, corporation establishment, business registration, foreign investment company registration certificate, and visa issuance can be substituted.


D8 visa dispatch

If an investment corporation is established in Korea, executives, senior managers, and experts from the head office can be dispatched to Korea. One person can be dispatched per 100 million won, and additional dispatches can be made when hiring Korean employees.


D8 Visa Extension

Business performance is important when extending the D8 visa. You may be denied permission if your business performance is poor or not. In the early stage of business, an extension is possible by submitting a statement of reasons for poor performance.


Big Investor PR (D8 -> F-5-5)

Those who have established a foreign-invested corporation with an investment of 500,000 USD or more and employed 5 or more Koreans as full-time employees for 6 months or more can apply for an F-5-5 Permanent Residence Card. Criminal record certificate, income requirement, and Korean language requirement are waived.


Big Investor Residency (D8 -> F2)

Individuals who have invested more than $500,000 and employees dispatched from foreign corporations can change to F2 residence visas if they stay for more than 3 years. Those who have invested more than 300,000 USD and hired 2 Koreans can change to F2 visa.

Branch / Liaison office Set Up & D7 visa


Branch set up

When a foreign company sets up a domestic branch, it can be established with a small amount of capital, and sales activities that can generate profits are possible. You can also dispatch employees from the head office with a D7 visa.


Liaison Office set up

It is for market research, contact work, contract work, etc. before full-scale sales activities, and sales activities are not allowed. It is simpler than establishing a corporation or setting up a branch because it does not require court registration procedures.


D7 expatriate visa

This is a visa for dispatching employees who worked at overseas headquarters to a branch or liaison office in Korea. Only executives, senior managers, and essential professional personnel can be dispatched, and they must have 1 year of work experience at the head office.