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F-5-15 permanent residency is a person who has completed regular courses at a graduate school in Korea and has obtained a doctoral degree, and who has been working for a domestic company for more than one year can apply.

F-5-15 Permanent Residence Application Conditions

  1. Those who have obtained a doctoral degree in Korea (regardless of major field)
  2. Those who have only obtained a degree without studying abroad (D2 visa) are not allowed
  3. Excluding graduates
  4. Continued full-time employment with a domestic company for at least one year.
  5. If you changed jobs within a year, recognize continuity if the break in service was 30 days or less

F-5-15 Benefits of Permanent Residence

  1. Exemption from submitting a certificate of completion for the Social Integration Program (KIIP)
  2. Exemption from submission of criminal record certificate
  3. Income requirement is GNI or higher (more than 415 million won when proven by assets)
  4. Spouses and minor children residing in Korea can change to F2-3 visa (can be changed to F5-4 visa after 2 years)

Considerations when applying for F-5-15 permanent residency

To apply for an F-5-15 visa, you must provide verification of full-time employment.

It’s easy to get a full-time job verification letter from a regular or small business, but it’s harder to get a full-time job verification letter from a university or large company.

Many of the F-5-15 visa applicants are E3 visa holders, who are unable to apply because they are contractors. Resolving this issue is key to applying for a green card.

E-3 visa holders are encouraged to apply for the F-2-7 visa first.

F-5-15 Documents to be submitted when applying for permanent residency

  1. A copy of doctoral degree certificate *Additional transcripts, etc. may be requested if necessary
  2. Copy of business registration certificate, certificate of employment
  3. Membership rosters from the four major insurance carriers, employment contracts, and full-time employment verification.
  4. Identity guarantee
  5. Applicant basic information
  6. Documents proving the place of residence
  7. Add personalized documentation

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