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The F-5-11 visa grants permanent residency to those with outstanding abilities in specific fields such as science, business, education, culture and arts, and physical education.

The main applicants are world-class celebrities, professors and scholars who have taught for a long time at universities, employees of world-class corporations, inventors with patents and intellectual property rights, and world-class award winners in the fields of science, management, education, culture, arts and sports.

  1. Social Integration Program (KIIP) Waiver
  2. Exemption from Proof of Income
  3. Exemption from submission of criminal history certificate
  4. Permanent residence status is granted immediately regardless of the length of stay in Korea according to the score

At least one of the required items must be met, and the combined score must fall under one of the following.

  1. A person who scores 30 or more points in the required items and 50 or more points combined with the scores in the optional items (regardless of the period of stay in Korea, permanent residence is granted)
  2. A person who scores 20 to 29 points in the required items and scores 100 or more points combined with the scores in the optional items (permanent residence status granted regardless of the length of stay in Korea)
  3. Those who have scored between 10 and 19 in the required items and have scored 100 or more points combined with the scores in the optional items (Those who have registered as foreigners and have been staying in Korea for more than 1 year can apply)

Option Description

  1. Annual Income: Based on the GNI of the previous year, only the income of the applicant (excluding family members)
  2. Domestic assets: Only net assets including movable assets, real estate, and liabilities under the name of the applicant
  3. Education: Includes both domestic and foreign degrees, only applicable if already acquired
  4. Qualifications: Passed KIIP or comprehensive evaluation
  5. Korean Employment: The number of people who are continuously employed as regular workers for 6 months or more
  6. Management ability: A representative who has invested his/her own funds in a domestic business for more than 3 years
  7. Letter of recommendation: head of constitutional institution, ministerial level, member of the National Assembly, head of a metropolitan government
  8. Studying in Korea: Studying at a domestic university for more than 4 years and obtaining a bachelor’s degree or higher (Completion of D2 course)
  9. Tax payment performance: At least 4 million won in annual average income tax paid for the two years prior to the year of application
  10. Community Service: Volunteering for 50 hours or more, participating in 6 or more volunteer activities within 1-3 years
  11. Government-sponsored scholarship students: normally graduate from the degree course at the time of selection

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