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F-2-99 Applicable Status of Residence

The status of residence that can apply for the F-2-99 visa is culture and arts (D-1), media coverage (D-5), residency (D-7), trade management (D-9), and artistic performance (E-6-1.3). ), professor (E-1), conversation instruction (E-2), research (E-3), technical instruction (E-4), professional occupation (E-5), specific activity (E-7), business investment (D-8), Visiting Cohabitation (F-1), Accompanying (F-3) visa holders.

  • ∗ D-8 eligible applicants are limited to those with an investment amount of 100 million or more
  • ∗ For F-1 and F-3 applicants, the main residence status must be F-2-99. (accompanying application possible)

5 years of stay in Korea

You must have stayed in Korea for at least 5 consecutive years with a status of residence that can apply for F-2-99. The period excluded from the period of stay is as follows.

  1. If the period of not staying in Korea after leaving the country exceeds 30 days, the relevant period
  2. Illegal stay, illegal employment period
  3. Extension of period of stay for departure
  4. Period of receiving deferment of departure deadline, departure advisory, departure order, and forced eviction order

Judgment of continuity of stay in Korea (Caution)

  1. A stay of 5 years or longer is recognized while continuing to change to a status of residence that can apply for F-2-99.
  2. Continuity is not recognized if the status of residence is changed to a status of residence that cannot be applied for F-2-99 and the status is changed again. count from the beginning again.
  3. In the case of entering the country for more than 30 days from the date of complete departure (without visa) (regardless of vacation, etc.)
  4. Departure orders or forced evictions are considered disconnected.

subsistence requirements

Comparing the income requirements of the visa the applicant currently holds with the income requirements of the F-2-99 visa, the higher income requirement must be met. You must meet all three conditions below: assets, annual income, and employment.

  1. Assets: 30 million won or more

    • – Applicant and family living together can be combined (including spouse, children, parents)
    • – Deposits, savings accounts, securities, accumulation-type insurance, real estate rentals, etc. (loan amount excluded)
    • – Applicant’s assets must be at least 15 million won when family is combined.
  2. Annual Income: GNI or higher

    • – The income of the applicant must be at least 12 times the minimum wage when the family is combined.
  3. Economic activity: Employment or business operation.

∗ When changing or adding an E-7 visa, the following applies ∗

  1. Status of residence: Sales clerk, chef and cook, designer, hotel receptionist, medical coordinator, sea cucumber culture technician, shipbuilding welding craftsman, E-7-4 skilled and excellent talent (manufacturing and site manager), construction site manager, agricultural and fishery site manager
  2. Assets 30 million won
  3. Annual Income: 1.5 times or more of GNI

Basic Requirements (Choose 1)

  1. Graduated from elementary, middle and high school in Korea
  2. Graduated from either university, graduate school, or technical college
  3. Completion of education at level 4 or higher in the social integration program
  4. Passed the middle and high school entrance qualification examination or high school graduation academic qualification examination
  5. 81 points or higher in the pre-evaluation

Learn about the Social Integration Program (KIIP)

Conduct requirements such as law compliance

  1. Violation of the Immigration Control Act 3 or more times within 3 years
  2. If the fine for violating the Immigration Control Act within 3 years is 5 million won or more
  3. If sentenced to imprisonment without prison labor or heavier punishment within 5 years
  4. If the sum of fines within 5 years is 5 million won or more
  5. In the case of being sentenced to a “serious crime” within 10 years or receiving a final decision
  6. In case of entry ban
  7. In case of arrears in tax (can proceed after payment in full)

F-2-99 Visa Application Documents

  1. Passport, photo, application form
  2. reason for application
  3. Asset Proof
  4. Documents proving annual income
  5. Documents proving economic activity
  6. Documents proving basic knowledge
  7. Proof of residence
  8. Other documents proving necessary for examination

Make a reservation for Hi Korea

To get a job, you must engage in an activity in the field corresponding to your previous status of residence, and you must obtain an activity permit when you want to work in another field.

When a companion family member (F-1, F-3) wishes to engage in a job search after receiving an F-2-99 visa. When a person decides whether to permit permission according to the guidelines that stipulate the job search activity subject to permission, but there is no specific regulation in the guidelines. permission.


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