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e-7-4 change to f-2-99
E-7-4 change to F-2-99

If you have been in the E-7-4 status for more than 5 years, you can apply for an F-2-99 visa. Although the regulations seem very strict and complex, they can be surprisingly good alternatives. 

In particular, the E-7-4 visa is the only resident visa that you can realistically try. It can be a bit difficult to meet the income requirements if your husband is working alone. However, it can be a good option for a dual-income family that can add up the couple’s income.      

Employment related matters (including family)

To get a job, you must engage in an activity in the field corresponding to your previous status of residence, and you must obtain an activity permit when you want to work in another field.

When a companion family member (F-1, F-3) wishes to engage in a job search after receiving an F-2-99 visa. When a person decides whether to permit permission according to the guidelines that stipulate the job search activity subject to permission, but there is no specific regulation in the guidelines. permission.

1. Stay in Korea for 5 years after obtaining E-7-4 qualification

1. Asset

Assets of family members living together at the same address as the applicant can be combined (spouse, children, parents)

(1) If you are staying alone

Assets of 15 million won or more / Annual income: 18 times or more of the minimum wage (approximately 32.8 million won)

(2) If you are staying with your family

Assets of 30 million won or more / Annual income: GNI 1.5 times or more (approximately 56.1 million won)

3. Basic literacy requirements (choice 1)

  1. Graduated from elementary, middle and high school in Korea
  2. Graduated from either university, graduate school, or technical college
  3. Completion of education at level 4 or higher in the social integration program
  4. Passed the middle and high school entrance qualification examination or high school graduation academic qualification examination
  5. 81 points or higher in the pre-evaluation

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