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E-7 visa recruitment of foreigners in the field of life sciences

2021-05-27BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

E-7 visa basic conditions for those who are eligible to be employed in the life sciences field Life science professionals who are eligible for empl

E-7 visa overseas salesperson recruiting foreign employees

2021-05-06BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

E-7 visa trading company foreign staff recruitment “overseas salesperson” Among the E-7 visas, “overseas salespersons” have

E-7 Electronics Engineer

2021-04-07BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

E-7 Electronic Engineering Technician (job code 2342) Research, design, develop, and test electronic components and systems for commercial, industr

E-7 visa employment recommendation issuance procedure

2021-03-27BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

Recommendation for employment of foreigners useful when issuing an E-7 visa There are many people who think that when they want to hire a foreign e

E-7 Visa Medical Coordinator

2021-03-26BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

E-7비자로 의료코디네이터 채용하기 E-7 Medical Coordinator A foreign medical coordinator is a manpower who provides comprehensive serv

E-7 Chef and Cook Hire

2021-03-26BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

E-7 Chef Cook Hire E-7 Chef and Cook A person who prepares a cooking plan at hotels, restaurants, ships, etc., and supervises and coordinates the w

E7 visa foreigner recruitment process and basic qualifications

2021-03-26BY Immikorea

The E7 visa is the most representative visa that allows Korean companies to hire foreign professionals. The field of employment of the company and

E-7 change of work location

2021-03-26BY Immikorea

Change of work place for E-7 visa holders Small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in high-tech industries are concerned about foreign workers&#8

Change from E-7-4 to F-2-99

2021-03-16BY Immikorea ( 0 ) Comment

E-7-4 change to F-2-99 F-2-99 application for E-7-4 visa holders If you have been in the E-7-4 status for more than 5 years, you can apply for an F

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