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Change from E-7-4 visa to F-2-99 visa

2023-07-14BY Immikorea

E-7-4 change to F-2-99 F-2-99 application for E-7-4 visa holders If you have been in the E-7-4 status for more than 5 years, you can apply for an F

E-7 Visa Workplace Change Procedur

2022-12-25BY Immikorea

Precautions when changing E-7 visa workplace It is not easy for E-7 visa holders to change to another place of work. This is because restrictions a

E7 visa recruitment process and core qualifications

2022-12-23BY Immikorea

The E7 visa is the most representative visa that allows Korean companies to hire foreign professionals. The company’s main business and the f