F4 visa application for issuance of residence registration card

F-4 visa application for issuance of residence registration card

Recently, I went to the immigration office under the task of acting as an application agency for Korean Americans’ residence registration card.

The residence registration card is something you must visit in person, but the Korean-Americans cannot speak Korean at all, and since his grandfather immigrated to Hawaii in 1901, he has lived all the time.

However, he had a marriage certificate of grandfather and grandmother issued in Hawaii, birth certificate of father and mother, marriage certificate, and his/her birth certificate, etc., and he had data describing the immigration history of grandfather and grandmother in various documents. It seemed like you had a visa. Thanks to this, it was also an opportunity to study the history of immigration in Hawaii.

However, the problem was that when I went to the immigration office, the official in question asked me to bring my expulsion certificate and basic certificate, and I felt very rude to see if the language was not spoken, so I was so angry that I came. An old man over 70 came from Korea to spend his retirement, but when I saw that he couldn’t speak, his legs hurt, and what to do, I felt a little salty.

Anyway, the next day, I went to the Jongno-gu Office and checked if there was a copy of the expulsion. Before 1923, I heard that it was difficult to find the family register system because there was no established family register system. I was already thinking that it would be difficult to find. However, when I was told that I hadn’t been there to make a justification, I immediately went to the immigration office. And I searched for it, but it said that there was no copy of the expulsion itself, so I accepted it on the spot and even registered my fingerprint. If you make it so easy, you can do it soon. I don’t know why it makes people so tired. Anyway, the client was very happy.

I was worried that the deposit would be wrong when I signed a house afterwards, so I was writing a contract and asked me to come and looked at the job again.

Foreigners are quite anxious when signing a lease contract that requires a large deposit as there is no charter system like Korea.

As an administrator, I come across a lot of different situations.

Those who entered Korea with an F4 visa issued by an overseas diplomatic mission must visit the competent immigration office in person (no proxy) and report their residence within 90 days after entering the country.

When issuing residence registration card, the main documents to be submitted are as follows.

  • Application for residence report
  • Original and photocopy of passport
  • 1 color ID photo
  • Basic certificate
  • Family Relations Certificate
  • One copy of the F4 visa
  • Lease contract (confirmation of accommodation provision or hotel reservation certificate, etc.)
  • Residence card issuance fee 30,000 won

It takes about 2-3 weeks to apply and issue a residence registration card.

You need to get a residence registration card to officially open your mobile phone, open a bank account, make a lease for a house, sign up for health insurance, and anything else. Until you get a residence card, you have to suffer a lot of inconvenience in life. Therefore, it is very inconvenient for about a month after entering Korea with an F-4.

If you have any complaints after entering Korea with an F-4 visa, we will deal with it carefully. Please contact

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