Application for residence permit is a race against time

When I work as a proxy for residence permit application, I feel that it is a race against time. This is because some come because the process is complicated and difficult, but most customers want to get a residence permit as soon as possible.

This is because it is very inconvenient or impossible without a residence permit for real estate processing problems in Korea, opening a bank or securities account, opening a mobile phone, finding a job, or acquiring dual citizenship. And there are many people who have to get a residence permit and return to their country of residence within a short period of stay.

Recently, it takes more than a month to make a reservation for an immigration visit, so it is more difficult for individuals to apply. In addition, many people say that it is very stressful to go back and forth three or four times to resubmit supplementary documents because they do not know the exact procedures and documents.

With the accumulated know-how, Imi Korea administrative agency provides the best solution for residence permit application. We will prevent you from wasting unnecessary cost and time of your stay due to delay in applying for a residence permit.

∗ Please note that if you enter the country with an F4 visa from abroad, you cannot act as a proxy for your residence permit.

According to immigration regulations, applying for a residence permit only after entering the country with an F4 visa is classified as an alien registration card business. It is taking more. Therefore, for those who need to obtain a residence permit within a short period of stay, it is the fastest way to enter Korea without a visa or a short-term visa.

The residence permit application takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to stay in Korea. If you leave the country during this period, your residence permit will be cancelled. However, once the residence registration number is issued, even if you receive the residence registration card later, there is a way to receive a confirmation of residence report and leave the country, so please consult for details.

Preparation of documents to be submitted (preparation of accurate documents through prior consultation)
Reception of documents at the Immigration Office
Issuance of receipt / fingerprint seal (7-10 days)
Electronic registration of residence registration number (7-10 days)
Manufacture/receipt of residence lights (7-10 days)

∗ The above required period may vary depending on the business circumstances of the regional immigration office.

You must report loss of nationality first.

  1. Before applying for a residence permit, a report on loss of nationality must be submitted.
    1. You can report loss of nationality at the consulate or at the Korean immigration office.
  2. If you have not reported the loss of nationality, it can be replaced with a receipt for loss of nationality report.
    1. The receipt will be issued immediately after the loss of nationality report
    2. It can also be a receipt for loss of nationality report issued by the consulate.
    3. It is not possible to perform tasks related to nationality. However, if you contact us, we will provide you with know-how on the optimal issuance method.

Learn about the procedure for reporting loss of nationality and required documents (Click)

Documents to submit for residence permit F4 visa consolidation application

  1. Overseas Koreans (F4) Integrated Application
  2. Original passport, photocopy and 1 photo (passport size)
  3. Certificate of Citizenship (Bring the original copy, submit a copy) -> If it is not found, it is replaced with an administrative agency confirmation document (please inquire)
  4. Criminal history certificate (Apostille notarized document)
    1. FBI-CHECK (USA), RCMP (Canada), etc.
    2. Exemption subjects: 60 years old or older, 13 years old or younger, family members of independent meritorious people, special merit
    3. If you have stayed in another country for more than 1 year within 10 years, you must also submit a criminal record certificate from that country.
    4. FBI-check can be applied for issuance in Korea
  5. Basic certificate or copy of expulsion
  6. Foreigner’s Occupation and Annual Income Amount Report
  7. Documents proving the place of stay
    1. A copy of the accommodation provider’s ID
    2. A certified copy of the register or lease agreement
    3. Accommodation provision confirmation
  8. Confirmation of the same person (if the name on the family register and the name on the foreign passport have changed)
  9. Non-employment pledge in the simple labor industry
  10. Certificate of notification of loss of nationality (if nationality has not been lost)
  11. Immigration office fee 130,000 won

∗ Additional documents according to personal circumstances

  1. marriage certificate
  2. birth certificate
  3. Original and copy of parent’s passport and citizenship certificate
  4. medical certificate

If your spouse or minor children do not qualify as overseas Koreans or are foreigners, you can apply for a Visiting Cohabitation (F-1-9) visa with a validity of up to one year in Korea. Simultaneous application for residence permit is possible.

Required documents should be prepared according to the situation, such as receipt of notification of loss of nationality, basic certificate, birth certificate, family relation certificate, and marriage certificate.

You can apply for extension of residence permit from 4 months before the expiration date of your stay and only during your stay in Korea.

Documents for application for extension of residence permit

  1. Integrated application
  2. passport
  3. dystrophy
  4. Basic certificate or copy of expulsion
  5. Documents proving the place of stay
  6. Overseas Criminal History Certificate (If you have lived abroad for more than 6 consecutive months)
  7. Fee 60,000 won, (electronic complaint 50,000 won)

∗ To extend the residence permit, you can apply for an electronic civil petition at (However, applicants for overseas criminal record waiver submission must visit the Immigration Office to apply) The normal processing period is about 10 days.

Go to the electronic civil petition for extension of alostia

Make a reservation for Hi Korea
Reservation for visit to the Immigration Office

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