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F-4 Korean-American, Chinese-Korean, overseas Korean visa
F-4 Korean-American, Chinese-Korean, overseas Korean visa
  1. A person who has acquired Korean nationality by birth (including Koreans who migrated abroad before the establishment of the Korean government) and acquired foreign nationality
  2. Those who have acquired foreign nationality under their direct subordinates
  1. Due to the revised Overseas Koreans Act, an F-4 visa can be issued if the date of loss of nationality or the acquisition date of foreign citizenship is prior to May 1, 2018. However, if it is a later date, it cannot be issued until 12.31 when you are 40 years old.
  2. However, if you have completed military service as active duty, full-time reserve service, or supplemental service, or if you are submitting a certificate proving that you have been exempted from military service, you can issue an F-4 visa even before the age of 40.

1. Documents proving Korean language proficiency

  • Those who cannot submit documents proving Korean proficiency are granted within one year of their stay.
Korean language exemption
  • -Those who have submitted documents proving Korean language proficiency with other status of residence in the past
    -Those who held Korean nationality in the past
  • -Over 60 years old
  • -Those who graduated from elementary school in Korea
  • -Re-entry after expiration (H-2-7)
  • -Those under 13 years of age
  • -A person who has obtained a nationally recognized certificate of at least a domestic craftsman

2. Overseas criminal record certificate

Exemption from overseas criminal record

  • -Those who are over 60 years old
  • -Those under 13 years of age
  • -National merit (independent merit) and their bereaved
  • -Special contribution (promotion of national interest) Koreans
  • -A person who has been staying in Korea after submitting a criminal record of his or her past home country (including those subject to omission) and has not stayed abroad for more than 6 months consecutively
  • -Re-entry after expiration (H-2-7)
  • -Those who are staying on F-4 and who are applying for extension

3. Documents proving that you are a Korean with a foreign nationality, such as a certificate of family relations records, a copy of expulsion, a family register, a residence card, and a birth certificate.

"Notice on attached documents such as visa issuance application" Foreign nationals of the country (21 countries) have additional documents for each detailed subject.

(China, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Peru)

  1. Regardless of whether you are a Korean or not, you can issue an F-1 visa to live with you
  2. Alien registration minors are permitted to extend the period of stay until the age of 25 when their parents and mothers continue to stay for 3 years or more (except for married children)

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