Permanent resident application for nationality
korea nationality acquisition procedure

대한민국 국적 취득 절차

국적법 제4조~제7조

  1. Divided into general naturalization, simplified naturalization (including marriage naturalization), and special naturalization
  2. Prepare required documents and submit them to immigration and foreigners’ offices
  3. Minor children can apply at the same time when the father or mother applies for naturalization
  1. Social Integration Program Comprehensive Evaluation Target: General naturalization, simplified naturalization, special naturalization
  2. Interview screening target: general naturalization, simplified naturalization, special naturalization
  3. Comprehensive evaluation of the social integration program and interview screening are exempted for those who have completed the social integration program and have verified basic skills.
  1. Investigation of trends in sojourn, if necessary, targets those who have passed the comprehensive evaluation of social integration programs and interviews.

-Common: Check status of stay, ability to sustain a living, criminal history, etc.

-Adoption: Confirmation of the authenticity of adoption, etc.

-Marriage naturalization: Check whether or not normal marital relations are maintained

2. Examination of naturalization requirements by synthesizing the contents of the survey

Final screening decision on whether to permit naturalization through criminal history inquiry, background check, etc.

Acquisition of Korean citizenship when a person who has obtained naturalization permit is awarded a naturalization certificate after a national oath in front of the Minister of Justice (the head of the immigration office)

  1. Official Gazette notice
  2. Notification of related organizations such as the Supreme Court (generating family relations register)

Abandonment of foreign nationality within one year after acquisition of nationality (principle) or pledge of misfortune of foreign nationality

  • -Abandonment of foreign nationality: Embassy of the country in the Republic of Korea (consulate)
  • -Foreign nationality unhappiness pledge: immigration, foreign government offices (countries permitted for dual citizenship)
  • * Marriage naturalization permits, etc., who are in a marital relationship, can pledge for misconduct of foreign nationality.

Address Eup, Myeon, Dong Office (Resident Center)

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