There are many people who think that when they want to hire a foreign employee with an E-7 visa, they must receive an employment recommendation letter from the central government. no. In most cases, you need to submit a well-written statement of reason for employment.

Two important points in the issuance of an E-7 visa are the employment recommendation letter and the employment utilization plan. There are only 16 occupations that require a letter of recommendation (see below).

However, even if the employment recommendation letter is not required, the probability of issuing a visa is much higher if an employment recommendation letter is issued and submitted at the time of visa application. If you do not receive an employment recommendation letter, you can fill out the employment plan and submit it when applying for a visa.

Since issuance of an employment recommendation letter usually takes two weeks, it is recommended to apply for a visa after issuing an employment recommendation letter unless there is an urgent reason. Of course, not all applications are issued, and it undergoes more difficult document screening than the employment plan.

The most frequent and representative employment recommendation letter is KOTRA’s employment recommendation letter (corresponding to 32 occupations) under the name of KOTRA, delegated by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy. You can find the appropriate central office and obtain it.

In addition to the E-7 visa, E-6 visas related to sports related activities such as arts and entertainment activities, hotels and entertainment businesses, and sports can also apply for employment recommendations by visiting the Ministry of Communications, Culture, Sports and Tourism. Of course, basic qualifications and documents must be completed first.

Production manager, ship management expert, travel agency manager, tourism and leisure company manager, CAD One, finance and insurance expert (persons with more than 5 years of experience without a degree), travel product developer, performance planner, technology management expert, announcer, hotel receptionist, medical service Coordinator, tour interpreter, sea cucumber farming technician, shipbuilding welding technician, aircraft maintenance worker

KOTRA Employment Recommendation Letter

KOTRA’s employment recommendation letter is issued for 8 high-tech fields: IT, technology management, nano, digital electronics, bio, transportation and machinery, new materials, and environment and energy.

When you receive a letter of recommendation for employment in these eight high-tech fields, a so-called gold card is applied, but you are given different privileges than the general E-7. The preferential details of the Gold Card include a maximum period of 5 years for visa issuance (actually, it is issued as an employment contract), a permanent resident visa can be applied for 3 years after residing in Korea, a spouse can be employed, and a place of work can be changed.

Job types subject to KOTRA's employment recommendation letter

Types of jobs that issue KOTRA employment recommendation letters

Documents to be prepared when issuing the KOTRA employment recommendation letter

KOTRA employment recommendation issuance application screen

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