A foreigner entered Korea on a short-term visa, but due to an accident or illness In some cases, it may be necessary to extend the period of stay for hospital treatment.

  1. In case of sudden traffic accident
  2. Skin necrosis occurred after plastic surgery in Korea
  3. If you have had surgery in the hospital and need to keep track of the progress
  4. When elderly people are suddenly sick after visiting Korea
  5. Other urgent cases

In this case, you can extend your stay by obtaining a G1 visa.

If treatment can be performed in a short period of time, you can process it through a delay in departure. If you need long-term treatment, you can get a G1 visa.

A doctor’s statement that long-term treatment is necessary to obtain a G1-2 visa

You must demonstrate your ability to cover living expenses and medical expenses during your stay

In order to obtain a G1-2 visa, it is most important to verify your doctor’s statement and expenses during your stay.

  1. Documents proving the necessity of long-term treatment at a medical institution
  2. Documents proving the ability to finance treatment and stay expenses
  3. Passbook that can prove the cost of stay
  4. Identity guarantee
  5. Documents proving family relations when there is a guardian
  6. Prepare proof of the place of stay, etc.
  7. You can apply with the integrated application form.

(Documents are general and additional documents may be requested depending on the applicant’s situation and examination criteria)

G1 visa for hospital treatment

However, in order to extend the period of stay, there are many cases where false documents are made and G1 visas are issued. At the immigration office, the G1 visa is very strict.

Once any visa is denied, it is difficult to apply again. It is advisable to apply with certain documents from the beginning.

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