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FBI check


아포스티유 공증 인증

U.S. criminal background checks, or U.S. background checks for short. In Korea, in other words, it is referred to as an overseas criminal history certificate or a criminal history certificate, and is a document that must be submitted to the immigration office in most cases when applying for a long-term visa in Korea. (Apostille required)

Issuance procedure in Korea

You can apply for FBI CHECK directly by going to the FBI website. However, there are cases where there are no family members or acquaintances who can receive mail and act for Apostille in the U.S., and the U.S. administration system is not fast, so it is often slower than applying through an agency in Korea. In addition, it may be difficult to know when to arrive in Korea, so it may be difficult to apply for a visa. So, when applying for a visa, many people apply through the correct Korean agency.

The issuing procedure is

1. First, go to the civil petition room of the nearest police station and get fingerprints.

-In fact, you should go to a police station with a lot of experience taking fingerprints rather than a nearby police station, because if you take a fingerprint incorrectly, it may not be confirmed and you will have to take it again. Earth bands or police boxes cannot be fingerprinted.

-Make sure to bring plenty of paper for your fingerprints. Fingerprints are not as good as I thought.

-When finished, at the police station, write the police signature, police station address, or stamp on the left side.

2. Fill out the issuance application form and enclose 2 fingerprints taken at the police station and send it to the agency.

3. A copy of the passport must be attached and the signature on the application must be the same as the signature on the passport.

fbi check issuance application
Fingerprint collection issued by fbi check

Time it took to issue

When issued in Korea, FBI CHECK takes a long time, such as 15 days for beginner express, 25 days for express, and 30-40 days for general, and the price is on the high side.

In some cases, some people come from the U.S. for FBI checks, but you need to bring them with you through an apostille. If you haven’t done Apostille, you’ll have to send it back to the US to go through the process. This can be done on your behalf, and you must have the original mailed to your home, not a photocopied or Internet-issued copy.

Document validity period

The validity period of the document is 6 months, and once submitted, if you do not stay abroad for 90 consecutive days, you do not need to re-submit it the next time you change your status of residence.

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