F-6 결혼 비자 소지자의 F-5 영주권 신청
F-6 marriage immigrants applying for permanent residence

Permission target

  1. Those who hold marriage immigration (F-6) status and have stayed in Korea for more than 2 years as a spouse of the people
  2. When a Korean spouse is declared dead or missing by the court (F-6-3)
  3. In the case of raising a minor born by marriage with a Korean spouse even if the marital relationship is terminated (F-6-2)
  4. In case of divorce or separation from a Korean spouse who can prove that the Korean spouse is attributable to the divorce or separation (F-6-3)

apply Essential requirements

1. The sum of the income of the person or a family member with whom they live is equal to or greater than the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita in the previous year.

2. When it is recognized that household assets are above the median level (25 million won as of 2018)

3. Subject to mitigation (80% of the standard standard is applied)

-Those who are pregnant with children of the people (including miscarriage)

-Those who have undergone sterilization to give birth to children of the people

-People who are raising minor children of the people-

-A person who has lived with the national spouse’s parents for at least 1 year

-Those who are over 60 years old

1. Completion of Level 5 of Social Integration Program

2. Scored more than 60 points in the comprehensive evaluation of the social integration program

3. Eligible persons

-If you are a married immigrant and are over 60 years old

-Married immigrant or national spouse or children with severe illness*

*Intellectual and mental disorders (Level 1~3), autistic people with disabilities (Level 1~3), brain lesions (Level 1~3), people with 4 serious diseases including cancer, heart, cerebrovascular and rare intractable diseases

4. Those who are eligible for mitigation (possible by passing step 4)

-When a married immigrant is raising a child alone due to the death or disappearance of a spouse

-If you are raising 3 or more children of a spouse who are nationals (including children related to a previous marriage) while living together by marriage with a national

-If you are raising a child with a disability other than exemption

-If you have lived in Korea for more than 10 years and have a living base in Korea

5. Documents to prove


Documents to be submitted


Principle standard target

Certificate of Korean Immigration Permanent Resident Qualification Test (KIPRAT)

Comprehensive evaluation passed

Certificate of Korean Immigration Naturalization Qualification Test (KINAT)

Social Integration Program Completion Certificate (Permanent Resident Qualification Course for Korean Immigrants)

Completion of Level 5

Social Integration Program Completion Certificate (Korean Immigration Naturalization Qualification Course)

Mitigation target

Social Integration Program Korean Language and Korean Culture Test Pass Certificate (KLCT)

Step 4 pass

1. Apostille, notarized certification, etc., must be officially confirmed

2. Exemption: Those who have already submitted their stay in the past and have continued to stay in Korea (must be submitted in case of staying abroad for more than 6 months)

1. Application form, photo

2. Passport and alien registration card

3. Documents proving income and assets

-Certificate of income amount

-Credit information inquiry form

-When using earned income (withholding tax receipt, employment certificate, career certificate, business registration certificate)

-When using business income (business registration certificate, other documents proving income)

4. Documents proving mitigation of exemption

-Documents that can prove pregnancy or infertility procedures, such as medical certificates

-Certificate of family relations, certified copy of resident registration, judgment, confirmation of preparation of relatives within 4 villages of Korean spouse,

Documents proving support for spouse’s parents

5. Documents proving the place of stay

-Lease contract, accommodation provision confirmation, postal notice of expiration of the period of stay, utility bill payment receipt, dormitory fee receipt, etc.

If you are divorced Additional documents

① Disappearance sentence court judgment, death report

② Documents proving that there is no reason attributable: Public documents such as court judgments

③ Certificate of child rearing: a copy of the child’s family register, a copy of resident registration, a copy of the judgment (a copy of the divorce report and confirmation), a confirmation of the Korean spouse’s relatives within four villages or a copy of the residence hall

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