F-5-9 비자 조건 및 서류

F-5-9 visa (permanent residence for those with a doctoral degree in a high-tech field abroad)

The biggest advantage of the F-5-9 visa is that you can apply even if you do not have Korean language skills. Most permanent residents must complete the Social Integration Program (KIIP), but the F-5-9 visa is waived. In addition, there is no need to obtain a cumbersome overseas criminal record certificate, and the income conditions are set as low as 1 times the Korean GNI.

F-5-9 Required Requirements for Permanent Residence Application

  1. A doctoral degree must be obtained in the high-tech field (*Excluding those who are expected to acquire it)
  2. High-tech fields: According to Article 5 of the Industrial Development Act, there are IT, technology management, nano, digital electronics, bio, transportation and machinery, new materials, environment and energy . (Requires confirmation of major field specified in the High-tech Industry Act)
  3. Must have been working for at least one year as a full-time employee in a field related to a doctoral degree in a domestic company (*Working periods at previous workplaces can be combined)

Points to note when applying for F-5-9 permanent residency

  1. The most important thing to note is that the doctoral major must prove and be recognized as a high-tech field specified in the Korean High-tech Industry Act.
  2. For F-5-9 visa applicants, there are many university professors. In the case of full-time professors, there is no particular problem, but in the case of contract professors who are renewed every three years, the part that is recognized as a full-time employee may be a problem.

Check domestic criminal records (applicable for permanent residence is not allowed)

  1. A person for whom five years have not elapsed since the day the execution was terminated after being sentenced to an imprisonment or higher.
  2. A person for whom three years have not elapsed from the date of payment after being sentenced to a fine
  3. A person for whom 5 years have not elapsed after violating Article 7 Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 4 of the Immigration Control Act
  4. Those who have violated the Immigration Control Act 3 or more times in the 5 years prior to the application date and fines are excluded.
  5. A person who has not passed 7 years from the date of departure after receiving a forced eviction order, or 5 years has not passed since the date of leaving Korea after receiving a departure order.
  6. A person who has been sentenced to a crime equivalent to a threat, blackmail, fraud, voice phishing, or drug offense in a foreign country, or has been sentenced to a prison sentence or higher for other offenses through an overseas offense record certificate.
  7. A person who has been punished with a penalty of 5 million won or more in violation of the Immigration Control Act for the last 3 years, or the combined penalty is 7 million won or more.

F-5-9 Basic Documents for Permanent Residence Application

  1. Integrated application
  2. Passport and passport copy
  3. Alien registration card, copy of alien registration card
  4. Documents proving the place of stay (a rental agreement or a certified copy of the register)
  5. Identity guarantee
  6. Certificate of income amount
  7. Basic information of applicant
  8. Degree Certificate (Apostille)
  9. Business registration card and employment certificate of the company in which you are currently employed
  10. List of 4 major insurance subscribers, employment contract, etc.
  11. Additional documents appropriate to the characteristics of other supported permanent resident cards

Korean doctorate degree holders can apply for F-5-15 permanent residence

Those who have completed a regular course at a domestic graduate school and obtained a doctorate (*excluding those who are expected to acquire)


  • This refers to cases in which the requirements for studying abroad (D-2) such as a doctoral program (D-2-4) are satisfied, and does not apply to cases where only a degree has been obtained without completing a prescribed course at a domestic graduate school.
  • Must have been working for more than 1 year as a full-time employee at a domestic company. (It is possible to add up the working period of the past workplace)

Basic documents to be submitted

  • Copy of Ph.D. degree *If necessary, additional transcripts can be requested.
  • Copy of business registration certificate of affiliated company, certificate of employment
  • Documents confirming full-time employment, such as a list of four major insurance companies, employment contracts, etc.
  • Income condition: GNI 1 times (approximately 37.5 million won)
  • Social Integration Program KIIP: Exemption
  • Overseas Criminal History Certificate: Exemption

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