In order to apply for F-5-5 permanent residency, the following conditions must be met.

F-5-5 Permanent Residency is for large-scale investors who have invested more than $500,000. .

F-5-5 Major Investor In order to apply for permanent residence, you must first obtain a D-8 investment visa to operate a business, and then change to permanent residence in accordance with the following requirements.

Requirements for applying for permanent residency after investment

  1. sole investor
    1. The applicant must be a party to an employment contract who directly employs 5 or more citizens as regular workers for at least 6 months. (*Regular employee refers to a form of full-time commercial employment that is directly employed by the employer’s sole investor)
    2. If a national who has been hired once is applied to the number of employees of another applicant for permanent resident status within 6 months prior to the date of application, the national is excluded from the number of direct employment.
  2. co-investor
    1. In accordance with the “Foreign Investment Promotion Act” per investor, invest US$500,000 or more and employ 5 or more citizens, but meet the above conditions for a sole investor.


Foreign Investment Report
⇒ Remittance of investment funds
⇒ Company establishment and registration
⇒ Business registration and incorporation notification
⇒ Transfer of paid-in capital to corporate account
⇒ Foreign-invested company registration
⇒ Issuance of D-8 visa
⇒ Business operation and permanent residency requirements
⇒ Issuance of permanent residence card

Main documents to be submitted when applying for F-5-5 permanent residence

  1. Foreign-invested company registration certificate, corporate registration certificate, business registration certificate
  2. Documents proving permanent employment of Korean nationals
    1. List of subscribers at the 4 major insurance business establishments, income certificate of employed Koreans
    2. Employment contract, full-time employment confirmation, etc.

Special Benefits for F-5-5 Permanent Resident Applicants

  1. Overseas Criminal Record Exemption
  2. Exemption from examination of import requirements
  3. Exemption from the Korean language proficiency requirement

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