F-5-27 Permanent Residence Period Requirements

Stay 2 years or more after issuing F-2-4 visa

Permanent Resident Income Requirements

Income screening criteria

  1. Family income can be summed up : The income of the applicant, spouse, and parents who live with the applicant can be summed up
  2. F-5 Examination of income for one year in the previous year from the date of application for permanent residence (proven as proof of income for the previous year)
  3. Only income for which income tax has been paid is recognized
  4. Income standard: GNI per capita in the previous year: about 37.4 million won (applied differently for each type of permanent residence)

Completion of the 5th stage of the Social Integration Program (KIIP)

Documents to be submitted (choice 1)

Korean immigration permanent residence qualification test pass certificate (comprehensive evaluation for permanent residence)
Certificate of Korean Immigration Naturalization Qualification Test (Comprehensive Evaluation for Naturalization)
Social Integration Program Level 5 Completion Certificate (Permanent Korean Immigration Qualification Course)
Social Integration Program Level 5 Certificate (Qualifying Course for Korean Immigration Naturalization)

Crime history inquiry

It is to examine whether the Korean laws and regulations have been well observed. The criminal history in Korea is reviewed using a computerized domestic system, and foreign records must be submitted with a certificate of overseas criminal history.

Offshore criminal record

  • If there is a period of stay abroad before applying for refugee status, submit a criminal record of the country concerned

Domestic criminal record (no permanent residency application allowed)

  1. A person for whom five years have not elapsed since the day the execution was terminated after being sentenced to an imprisonment or higher.
  2. A person for whom three years have not elapsed from the date of payment after being sentenced to a fine
  3. A person for whom 5 years have not elapsed after violating Article 7 Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 4 of the Immigration Control Act
  4. Those who have violated the Immigration Control Act 3 or more times in the 5 years prior to the application date and fines are excluded.
  5. A person who has not passed 7 years from the date of departure after receiving a forced eviction order, or 5 years has not passed since the date of leaving Korea after receiving a departure order.
  6. A person who has been sentenced to a crime equivalent to a threat, blackmail, fraud, voice phishing, or drug offense in a foreign country, or has been sentenced to a prison sentence or higher for other offenses through an overseas offense record certificate.
  7. A person who has been punished with a penalty of 5 million won or more in violation of the Immigration Control Act for the last 3 years, or the combined penalty is 7 million won or more.

Korean permanent resident benefits

  1. You can live in Korea permanently and it is easy to acquire nationality in the future.
  2. Foreign resident registration is possible, not alien registration.
  3. Unless it is a serious crime, you are not subject to forced departure.
  4. You can get health insurance benefits.
  5. You can join the national pension.
  6. You only need to extend your visa once every 10 years.
  7. You may have limited voting rights such as local elections.

Visa issuance inquiry

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