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F-5-11 Ability holder in a specific field

Permanent residency is granted to those with outstanding skills in specific fields such as science, business administration, education, culture and arts, and physical education.

  1. Social Integration Program (KIIP) Waiver
  2. Exemption from Proof of Income
  3. Exemption from submission of criminal history certificate
  4. Permanent residence status is granted immediately regardless of the length of stay in Korea according to the score

1.Persons with a score of 30 or more in a single item in the required item and 50 or more in addition to the score in the optional item (regardless of the length of stay in Korea, permanent residence status will be granted immediately)

2. A person with a total of 20 points or more in the required items and 100 points or more in combination with the points in the optional items. (Regardless of the period of stay in Korea, permanent residence status will be granted immediately)

3. A person who has a total of 80 points or more in the required and optional items, has registered as a foreigner and has been staying in Korea for more than 1 year

F-5-11 Assessment

If you fill out and submit, you will be notified of visa availability by e-mail. (This informs you if the basic conditions are met, and does not guarantee the issuance of a visa)

Annual income : Applicable only to the national gross national income (GNI) per capita in the previous year notified by the Bank of Korea, and the domestic income of the applicant (excluding accompanying family members, etc.)

Domestic assets : Includes all movable property and real estate in the name of the applicant, but only net assets excluding liabilities (confirmation of default and liabilities with a credit information inquiry form)

Education : Includes both domestic and foreign degrees, and only for those who have already acquired them (excluding plans to be acquired)

※ For domestic degrees, only those acquired after completing a course at a school recognized in accordance with Article 2 of the Higher Education Act are recognized.

Basic knowledge : Participated in social integration program education conducted by the Ministry of Justice or passed the comprehensive evaluation

Letter of recommendation : Head of constitutional institution, ministerial level of central ministries, member of parliament, head of metropolitan government

Studying in Korea : Studying at a domestic university for at least 2 years and obtaining a bachelor’s degree

※ Eligible for study abroad status (D-2) school * If you have studied at *, it will be accepted

* Higher Education Act Article 2 Nos. 1 to 4 schools, junior colleges or higher (including night graduate schools) established under special laws, and multi-functional technology degree programs at Korea Polytechnic University

Tax payment performance : Income tax of 4 million won or more paid annually for the two years prior to the year in which the application date belongs

Example) For those whose application date for permanent residency is on January 1, 2018 and those who are on December 31, 2018, on January 1, 2016. ~ Divide the total amount of tax paid until December 31, 2017 by 2

Domestic stay : Legally stayed in Korea for 3 years or more (total duration of stay in the past)

Community service : Domestic social service activities for more than 1 year

(Appointed and commissioned as a member of the government or regional governments, including activities for the public interest)

National employment : In case of continuous employment of 2 or more citizens as regular workers for 6 months or more from the date of application

Homeownership : Own a home in Korea of 200 million won or more (only for personal ownership, duplicate points can be given with the’Domestic Assets’ category)

Management experience : Proof of practical management experience of 3 years or more as a representative of domestic and overseas business entities

Stay with family : The scope of the companion family is limited to spouses and children, and if they are staying in Korea for more than 6 months after registering as a foreigner

Study abroad in connection with work and study : Normally graduated from the relevant degree program at the time of selection

(If additional points are given to study abroad in connection with work and study, overlapping points cannot be added to study abroad in Korea)


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