F-5-10 Permanent residency of bachelor's and master's degree holders

F-5-10 Bachelor’s or Master’s degree holders apply for permanent residency

The advantage of F-5-10 permanent residency is that you can apply with only a bachelor’s or master’s degree. In particular, the income condition is set as low as 1 times the Korean GNI. Most of the permanent residency income requirements require twice the Korean GNI, or a doctorate degree or higher, but the conditions are low compared to those requiring high specifications. One difficulty is that you have to complete the 5th level of the Social Integration Program. If you have completed the social integration program, it is a very favorable condition for obtaining permanent residency.

F-5-10 Permanent residency requirements

  1. Overseas bachelor’s degree certificates in high-tech fields (high-tech fields: IT, technology management, nano, digital electronics, bio, transportation and machinery, new materials, environment and energy)
  2. Bachelor’s degree certificate in science and engineering that has completed a regular course at a domestic university (even if it is not a high-tech field)
  3. Master’s degree certificate (including those not in the field of science or technology) who have completed a regular course at a domestic university
  4. A holder of a technical engineer certificate issued by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea

F-5-10 Conditions of stay for permanent residence

  1. Stayed in Korea for 3 years prior to the application date (excluding the period of stay in the past when you left the country completely)
  2. Those who have obtained an overseas degree or certificate must work in a related field in Korea with the corresponding degree or certificate and have been staying for at least 3 years.
  3. Those with a domestic degree must have stayed in Korea for at least 3 years after obtaining the corresponding degree.

F-5-10 Permanent Residence Terms of Service

As of the date of application, you must have been working for at least 1 year as a full-time employee at a domestic company. *In case of change of work place, the work period of the past work place can also be added up.

  1. If the academic background is 1 or 4, you must work in a related field.
  2. There is no restriction on the field of work for those with a domestic university degree.

F-5-10 Permanent Resident Income and Korean Language Requirements

  1. GNI or more per person (approximately 37.5 million won or more)
  2. Submit KIIP 5th level completion certificate or pass certificate

F-5-10 Permanent Residence Permanent Resident Domestic Criminal Record (Not applicable for Permanent Residence)

  1. A person for whom five years have not elapsed since the day the execution was terminated after being sentenced to an imprisonment or higher.
  2. A person for whom three years have not elapsed from the date of payment after being sentenced to a fine
  3. A person for whom 5 years have not elapsed after violating Article 7 Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 4 of the Immigration Control Act
  4. Those who have violated the Immigration Control Act 3 or more times in the 5 years prior to the application date and fines are excluded.
  5. A person who has not passed 7 years from the date of departure after receiving a forced eviction order, or 5 years has not passed since the date of leaving Korea after receiving a departure order.
  6. A person who has been sentenced to a crime equivalent to a threat, blackmail, fraud, voice phishing, or drug offense in a foreign country, or has been sentenced to a prison sentence or higher for other offenses through an overseas offense record certificate.
  7. A person who has been punished with a penalty of 5 million won or more in violation of the Immigration Control Act for the last 3 years, or the combined penalty is 7 million won or more.

F-5-10 Basic Documents for Permanent Resident Card

  1. Integrated application
  2. Passport and passport copy
  3. Alien registration card, copy of alien registration card
  4. Documents proving the place of stay (lease contract or certified copy)
  5. Overseas criminal record certificate
  6. Identity guarantee
  7. Certificate of income amount
  8. Social Integration Program Completion Certificate (Certificate of Passing Comprehensive Evaluation for Permanent Residents)
  9. Basic information of applicant
  10. Diploma (Apostille or notarized, certified)
  11. Business registration card and employment certificate of the company in which you are currently employed
  12. List of 4 major insurance subscribers, employment contract, etc.
  13. Additional documents appropriate to the characteristics of other supported permanent resident cards

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