F-5-1 General permanent residence card for those who have stayed more than 5 years
일반영주자 F-5-1

F-5-1 Application for permanent residence for foreigners staying for more than 5 years (general permanent residence card)

  • Foreigners who have registered as foreigners in Korea and have stayed for more than 5 years can apply for permanent residence.

F-5-1 Permanent residency application target

  1. A person who is of adult age pursuant to the Civil Law of the Republic of Korea, has the ability to sustain a living, has good conduct, and possesses the basic skills necessary to continue living in Korea, and has a status of residence from D-7 to E-7, or F-2 Refers to a person who has stayed in Korea for more than 5 years as a status of residence.
  2. Continued stay in Korea for at least 5 years as of the date of application with the status of residence stipulated above
  3. Excluding the period of stay, it is possible to add up each period of stay in the case of a change of status between the status of residence specified in the above subject without complete departure.

Income requirements

  1. Annual income must be at least twice the GNI. It should be approximately 75 million won or more.
  2. In the case of D-8 visa holders, annual average sales of 1 billion won or more for the two years prior to the year in which the application date falls.
  3. For D-9 visa holders, annual average exports of 500 million won or more or annual average sales of 1 billion won or more for the two years prior to the year of application date.
  4. However, installation of export facilities. Exemption from application for operation and maintenance personnel, ship construction, and facility production supervision
  5. E-7 visa holders must have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Korean language requirements

  • Social Integration Program Level 5 Completion Certificate (60 points or more on the permanent residency examination)

Learn about the Social Integration Program (KIIP)

F-5-1 Permanent Residence Application Documents

  1. Integrated application
  2. Passport, registration card
  3. Permanent Resident Qualification Report
  4. Identity guarantee
  5. Income proof documents
  6. Social Integration Program Certificate (Exemption for long-term stays of 10 years or more)
  7. Overseas criminal record certificate
  8. Tuberculosis Screening Confirmation
  9. Documents proving the place of stay
  10. Government income stamp and registration fee 230,000 won

F-5 Permanent Resident Card may require additional or subtractive documents depending on individual circumstances.

The conditions of stay for more than 5 years are the same, but the requirements for foreign nationals (F-5-7) are different.

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