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F-3 Companion Visa Description

Eligible for F-3 Companion Visa Invitation

Spouses and minor children of foreigners who meet the status of residence from Culture and Arts D-1 to Specific Activities E-7

Excluding technical training D-3

  • -Foreigners’ spouses and minor children eligible for study abroad (D-2) status of residence are subject to visa issuance at diplomatic missions
  • -Spouse and minor children of a specialized bachelor among those who are studying abroad (D-2) and those who have general training (D-4) are subject to issuance of diplomatic missions abroad according to humanitarian reasons. Check overseas diplomatic missions for humanitarian reasons

* Subject to electronic visa issuance

  • The electronic visa system is a system that allows professors and researchers to obtain visas online without visiting diplomatic missions abroad, as part of the simplification of the visa issuance process to support the attraction of excellent foreign workers and tourists. If you are a companion of a professional manpower, it can be issued under certain requirements, and documents are submitted according to the companion qualification screening criteria (currently, it has been discontinued due to coronavirus).

Documents to be submitted when applying for an F-3 visa

Documents to be prepared by the inviter

  • -Application form for visa issuance approval
  • -Copy of inviter’s passport and alien registration card
  • -Employment certificate of invitee
  • -Tax payment verification or reporter’s financial verification documents

Documents to be prepared for the invitee

  • – passport copy
  • -Documents proving family relations
  • Marriage certificate (spouse)
  • Birth certificate (child)
  • * Additional documents for Chinese
  • -Original, copy of resident ID card
  • -Original, copy of marriage certificate
  • -Original copy of Hogubu

If necessary for examination, supplementary documents may be requested.

The remaining passport validity period must be at least 6 months

Only eligible persons submit a tuberculosis diagnosis certificate issued by a designated hospital at the diplomatic mission


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