F-3 Companion Visa Description

F-1 Family Invited Visa Eligibility and Required Documents

Marriage immigrants applying for a visit-to-living visa

1. Marriage of immigrants parents

  • -Can be invited within 1 year of entry after marriage. 1 year stay allowed
  • Purpose of support for childbirth and parenting (Up to March of the year the child turns 7 years old), up to 4 years and 10 months

2 . Married immigrant family (Women within 4 connections One persons )

  • -Allowed for a maximum of 4 years and 10 months when childbirth and parenting support is difficult due to the death of a parent or the age of 65 or older (March of the year the child turns 7)

3. When invitation is possible for humanitarian reasons

  • -When married immigrants or their spouses are seriously ill and have difficulty in normal life due to long-term hospitalization or treatment, and need a family to care for them.
  • -When a married immigrant’s child has a disability and is necessary for raising him/her
  • -In the case of a marriage immigrant raising a child alone due to the death of a spouse or divorce
  • -Married immigrant families raising three or more children
  • -In case of humanitarian reasons similar to the above

4. Documents to be submitted for F-1 visa application

  • application
  • Passport, photo, fee
  • Family Relations Certificate
  • Marriage relationship certificate
  • ID card
  • Certificate of family relations in the name of the child
  • Identity guarantee
  • Non-employment pledge while staying in Korea
  • Tuberculosis screening confirmation (in countries at high risk of tuberculosis)
  • Pregnancy certificate (if applicable)
  • Documents proving humanitarian reasons, such as disease diagnosis and hospitalization certificate (if applicable)
  • When inviting relatives, documents proving that parental support cannot be received, such as a death certificate from parents of married immigrants, disease certificate, etc. (if applicable)

F-1 visa-Inviting a spouse and minor children of a compatriot-

  • Spouses and minor children of H2 or F-4 visa holders can be invited
  • Spouses and minor children can be invited on an F-1 visa even if they are not Koreans.
  • Minor children registered as foreigners can extend their stay until the age of 25 if their parents or mothers continue to stay for 3 years or more. Excluding married children

F-1 visa-spouse or minor child of F-2 visa holder-

Other issuance targets

  • 1. Overseas adoptees who held Korean nationality at the time of birth
  • 2. First generation of compatriots who migrated abroad before the establishment of the Korean government
  • 3. Domestic assistant at the foreign diplomatic mission in Korea
  • 4. A person who lives with a person who falls under diplomacy (A-1) or agreement (A-3) and does not belong to that household.
  • 5. Companion or other children over 21 years of age of SOFA eligible person
  • 6. Spouse or minor child of a person with residency (F-2) status
  • 7. A citizen of the Republic of Korea with an address in the Republic of Korea, and a minor who needs to receive parental or maternal support with custody (if one of the parents is a Korean, but the child is a foreigner)
  • 8. Any other person who does not engage in vocational activities due to unavoidable reasons and acknowledges that there is a reason to stay in Korea for a long time.
  • -For the purpose of organizing housework after marriage
  • -If a legal resident has a child born in Korea
  • -In the case of a spouse or child of a recognized refugee
  • -Those who have lost their residency status due to exceeding the re-entry permit period

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