Recruitment of foreigners in the field of life science in the field of E-7 visa issuance

E-7 visa basic conditions for those who are eligible to be employed in the life sciences field

Life science professionals who are eligible for employment on an E-7 visa are those who conduct research on the theory and applications of life science in fields such as biology, medicine, food, agriculture, and forestry.

General requirements for recruitment candidates (required)

  • Have a master’s degree or higher in a field related to the occupation
  • -Have a bachelor’s degree or higher in a field related to the occupation + 1 year or more experience
  • -More than 5 years of work experience in the field related to the job type (requires notarization of employment certificate)

Special requirements

  • -One year or more of professional work experience in the world’s top 500 companies
  • -Bachelor’s degree holders in the world’s top 200 universities
  • -Graduates of domestic vocational colleges (related majors)
  • -A bachelor’s degree in a domestic university
  • -Excellent talent in the field of high-tech science and technology who has been recommended for employment by the relevant ministry

Mainly available companies

Companies that can employ foreigners on an E-7 visa include life science-related businesses, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics companies, and medical device manufacturers. If you expand your career group, you can be hired in the following fields. employ The business type of the company and the major of the person to be hired must match.

  • Biology (botany, ecology, bacteriology, genetics)
  • Medicine (anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, biophysics, pathology)
  • Pharmacy (poison pharmacy)
  • Agriculture (Agriculture, Crop Science, Horticulture)
  • Forestry (Clinical Engineering, Forestry, Soil Science)
  • Fisheries science (freshwater biology, marine biology)
  • Food science
  • Fragrance Scholarship
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Animal Science (zoology) expert

Hiring process

Recruitment of foreigners in the biotechnology field with an E-7 visa is not required for employment recommendation letters. However, if you can get a recommendation letter from the relevant ministry, your chances of issuing a visa will increase. Normally, the immigration office conducts screening through employment plan, etc., but because the expertise is insufficient compared to the department in charge, it is delegated in the form of an employment recommendation letter. Therefore, if you have received an employment recommendation letter, the probability of issuing a visa is more than 90%.  It usually takes about 2 weeks to issue an employment recommendation letter.

Ministry in charge of issuing employment recommendation letters

  • Biology: Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy (KOTRA)
  • Medicine, Pharmacy, Food Science, Cosmetics, Biomedical Engineering: Minister of Health and Welfare (Health Industry Policy Division)
  • Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry: Minister of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock (Management Manpower Division)-Separate requirements apply
  • Fisheries Science: Minister of Oceans and Fisheries (Aquaculture Industry Division)
E-7 visa KOTRA employment recommendation form

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