E-7 Visa Trading Company Overseas Salesperson Recruitment Procedure

E-7 visa trading company foreign staff recruitment “overseas salesperson”

Among the E-7 visas, “overseas salespersons” have many foreign language-speaking professionals in Korea, so the screening requirements are strict as they are subject to the national employment protection screening criteria. Even if other conditions are met, it may be disapproved if the professionalism of foreign employees who must be employed as a substitute for the citizens is not properly demonstrated.

E-7 visa types of overseas salesperson

  1. A person who conducts sales activities necessary to sell products to overseas buyers related to overseas expansion
  2. A person who conducts business activities to import products to overseas sellers
  3. Those who contribute to strengthening national competitiveness through other overseas sales activities
  4. ※ In order to sell various products overseas through the Internet, it includes a person who selects and registers products to be sold on the online shopping mall, manages inventory, responds to customer inquiries, and manages overall tasks for sending ordered products.

Jobs that can be introduced

  1. Overseas salesperson
  2. Trade salesperson
  3. Import and export salesperson
  4. Restrictions on introduction: Domestic shopping mall salespersons, people who manage sales products, people who only pack for delivery, trade clerks (3125)

Application of national employment protection screening standards

1. Exporters of regions using Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese (general screening standards apply)

  • -At least 5 Koreans must be employed, but foreigners with E-7 visas can be hired.
  • -Restricted invitation to domestic-oriented companies
  • -In principle, the employment rate of foreigners is allowed within the range of 20%.

b. Foreign-invested companies, local exporters of special languages (subject to special criteria)

* Special language regions: regions other than Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese

  • Employment recommendation letter required
  • -Foreign-invested companies (annual sales of over $100,000 + 1 national employee) are allowed to employ one foreigner
  • -Exporters for special language regions (annual sales of more than $100,000) are allowed to employ one foreigner
  • -Exporters targeting special language regions (annual sales of over $500,000) are allowed to employ foreigners within 70% of the number of national employees.

All. Separate standards apply to overseas online product salespeople

  • -The business type must be a trade business (trade association registered company)
  • -Over 5 billion won in overseas exports in the previous year
  • -Provide office space for salespeople (remote work, dispatch work disallowed)
  • -Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher in Korea
  • -Those who have an overseas bachelor’s degree and have at least 1 year of experience in the relevant field or have a master’s degree or higher
  • -Korean language proficiency test TOPIK level 3 or higher certificate holder
  • -For the examination of extension of the period of stay, check the salary record of the previous year, and if the wage requirements are not met, limit stay with permission.
  • -Documents to be submitted: Documents proving trade performance, documents proving office space, and documents proving Korean language proficiency

When hiring an E-7 visa overseas salesperson, additional documents or fact-finding may be required.

Learn more about the basic requirements for overseas salespeople on the E-7 visa

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