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Hiring a medical coordinator with an E-7 visa
Hiring a medical coordinator with an E-7 visa

A foreign medical coordinator is a manpower who provides comprehensive services such as guidance, invitation activities, medical appointments and interpretation, customer management, etc.

  1. Medical institutions attracting foreign patients (up to 2 people)
  2. Foreign patient attraction company (less than 1 person)
  3. However, if the number of foreign patients attracted more than 1,000 in the last 1 year, one additional person can be hired per 1,000 people.
  1. Medical doctor, nurse, pharmacist, etc.
  2. A person who has graduated from a domestic university (including prospective students) and has a bachelor’s degree or higher (including prospective students) who has completed an international medical coordinator specialization course or a medical interpretation specialty course pursuant to the Korean Institute of Health and Welfare Human Resources Development Act.
  3. A person who has obtained the “International Medical Tourism Coordinator” certificate in accordance with the National Technical Qualification Act
  4. A person who has acquired the “Medical Interpretation Ability Test Certificate” in accordance with the “Overseas Medical Advancement Act”.

Basic attached documents

International Medical Tourism Coordinator A copy of the national technical qualification certificate (applicable), a copy of the International Medical Coordinator Professional Course Completion Certificate (applicable), a copy of the medical interpretation specialized course completion certificate (applicable), a copy of the medical interpretation competency test certificate (applicable), foreign patients Copy of host institution registration card, identity certificate, etc. added

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