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Conditions and Documents for E7 Visa Foreign Recruitment

The E7 visa is the most representative visa that allows Korean companies to hire foreign professionals. The field of employment of the company and the professionalism of the foreigner must match, and it is the key to issuing a visa to prove this through a letter of employment recommendation and a letter of reason for employment

As seen in the recent spread of the Korean Wave around the world, the demand for foreign employment is increasing tremendously as the Korean economy is growing rapidly and exchanges between countries are active.

In the past, only trade companies and export-related industries needed foreign workers focused on interpreters. Now, however, foreign professional workforce is also available in businesses targeting foreigners residing in Korea, businesses targeting foreigners coming to Korea, such as medical tourism, and small and medium-sized businesses that are difficult to find domestic professional workforce at low wages in high-tech industries such as IT. There is an explosive increase in demand for

In line with this trend, the E-7 visa is required to hire specialized foreign workers in order to strengthen the competitiveness of a company. The E-7 visa is based on the fields of employment and occupations as follows.

In practice, there are many cases where the major of the foreigner you intend to hire does not fit the job type. It is said that the key to obtaining a visa is to write a good reason for employment according to the field that is most relevant to you.

Visa Classification Occupation
E-7-1 Professional manpower Managers and Experts (67 Occupations)
E-7-2 Associate-professional manpower Office and service workers (9 occupations)
E-7-3 General technical manpower Craftsmen and related skilled workers (6 occupations)
E-7-4 Skilled skilled manpower (score system) E-9 occupations (3 occupations)
E-7-91 FTA independent expert
  1. Hold a master’s degree in a field related to the job opening
  2. Hold a bachelor’s degree in a field related to the introduced occupation + 1 year or more of experience in the field
  3. 5 years or more of work experience in the field related to the introduced occupation

Special qualification requirements

  1. One year or more of professional work experience at one of the world’s top 500 companies
  2. Graduated from world-class universities (planned) Bachelor’s degree holders (Universities within the top 500 QS world universities)
  3. Graduates (planned) from domestic vocational colleges-Exemption from career requirements when working in a major-related industry
  4. Graduates from a domestic university (planned) Bachelor’s degree-Exemption from career requirements regardless of major
  5. Those who graduated with work-study-linked study (D-2-7) qualification are exempt from applying the national employment rate
  6. Outstanding talent in cutting-edge science and technology, recommended by KOTRA, Small and Medium Business Corporation
  7. Excellent talents with professional competency recommended by ministries: If the annual salary is 1.5 times higher than the GNI and is recommended by the central administrative agency, all academic backgrounds can be exempted.
  8. High-income professional talent: If the annual salary is three times higher than the GNI, both academic background and experience can be waived regardless of the job type (no recommendation for employment is required).
  9. Excellent Private Institution Training Completion

1. In principle, companies with fewer than 5 national employees and domestic-oriented companies are limited (requires confirmation by job type)

2. Restriction on the employment rate of foreigners

In principle, employment of foreigners is allowed within 20% of the national employment. (If foreign employees already exist in the company, Chinese, married immigrants, and permanent residents are excluded from the number of foreign employees, but F-2 employment is possible and the status of stay is included in the number of foreign employees. Rate calculation)

Proof of Korean employment refers to the number of persons who have been registered for more than 3 months who meet the minimum wage in the employment insurance subscriber list. Even if it is a newly established company, it is a rule to apply after 3 months from the date of registration for businesses to which the rate of Korean employment applies.

However, if there is a recommendation from the competent ministries (KOTRA, Korea International Trade Association), additional employment is allowed within the range of 50% of the total national workers in the high-tech industry, and 70% of excellent exporters targeting special language regions. If there are criteria, apply those criteria

3. Must meet minimum wage requirements

Professional manpower: 80% or more of the previous year’s GNI paid

Others: Paying at least the minimum wage

4. Employer must not have arrears of tax (national tax, local tax)

The letter of recommendation for employment and the reason for employment from the central office is the most important preparatory document for issuing an E-7 visa.

Employment recommendation letters from the central government department are not required to be submitted in all occupations, and the required occupations are set separately (16 occupations). It is better to receive it.

The reason for employment (application plan) must be submitted in all industries. For more information, please click the button below.

E-7 visa KOTRA employment recommendation form
KOTRA Foreigner Employment Recommendation Letter
E-7 visa KOTRA employment recommendation letter attached document
KOTRA Foreigner Employment Recommendation Letter
Sample of E-7 visa reasons for employment of foreigners
Sample of reason for employment of foreigners

1. If the E-7 visa applicant is overseas

  • -Documents related to the person to be hired (Apostille, notarized certification required) + Prepare the company-related documents and apply for a visa issuance certificate to the competent immigration office (applicable with family)
  • -Upon approval, the authorization number is sent to the foreigner.
  • -Foreigners must submit documents together with the prescribed documents at the diplomatic mission abroad.
  • -Enter Korea after visa issuance is completed
  • -Alien registration within 90 days

2. In case the applicant for E-7 visa is in Korea with a legal residence visa

  • -Documents related to recruitment candidates (Apostille, notarized certification required) + Prepare company-related documents and apply for change of status of residence at the competent immigration office
  • -Reissue of registration certificate upon approval
  • -For family invitations, apply to the Korean embassy or consulate in the foreign country’s home country.

E-7 visa holders can invite their spouse and children for a stable working life. You can stay in Korea after entering Korea by obtaining an F-3 visa from a diplomatic mission abroad. The length of stay is the same as that of the main resident. When issuing an E-7 visa, it is also possible to enter the country by applying for a visa issuance authorization.

F-3 visas are not available for employment and are only available in limited occupations such as English conversation instructors. You must change to the relevant status of residence

When inviting foreigners from abroad, we invite qualified human resources in consideration of basic experience, etc. Therefore, we do not invite you to be an intern.

However, when trying to hire a foreign professional manpower residing in Korea after completing a master’s or doctoral degree at a domestic university, many companies may want to hire them after they first hire them as interns to verify their skills and personality.

In this case, you can be hired as an intern with a D-10 (Job visa) and then officially hired with an E-7 visa.

E-7 visa holders may not leave a job without the consent of the original employer, unless unavoidable circumstances such as closure or closure of business or overdue wages.

  • Integrated application
  • Invitation letter
  • Documents related to establishment of employment organization
  • Employment contract
  • Documents proving company sales performance
  • Tax payment certificate
  • Details of Employment Insurance Insured Persons
  • Employment recommendation letter (if necessary)
  • Identity guarantee
  • Documents separately determined for each job type
  • Documents proving foreigner qualification requirements
  • Diploma
  • Certificate of experience
  • Certificates, etc.
  • Marriage certificate for family invitation Family certificate

Additional documents may be added or subtracted because the documents to be submitted are different by company and job type

There are many cases where you need to apply for an E-7 visa by selecting a job that is not in the job code or similar to the job category you want to hire. If the code is incorrectly applied, not only will you be disapproved, but if you re-apply for the same target and match the same company again, the likelihood of issuing a visa will be very low. So, you need to make good code choices in the first place. This is very important

end . manager : 15 Dog occupation => E-7-1

1) Senior executives of economic interest groups (S110)

2) Senior corporate executives (1120)

3) Management support manager (1212 舊1202)

4) Education manager (1312)

5) Insurance and financial manager (1320)

6) Culture, art, design and video manager (1340)

7) Information and communication related manager (1350)

8) Other professional service manager (1390)

9) Construction and mining related manager (1411)

10) Product production manager (1413)

11) Agriculture, forestry and fisheries manager (14901)

12) Sales and sales manager (1511)

13) Transportation related manager (1512)

14) Managers related to accommodation, travel, entertainment and sports (1521)

15) Food service manager (1522)

I . Experts and related workers : 52 Dog occupation => E-7-1

1) Life science expert (2111)

2) Natural science expert (2112)

3) Research Institute of Social Sciences (2122)

4) Computer Hardware Technician (2211)

5) Communication Engineering Technician (2212)

6) Computer system design and analyst (2221)

7) System software developer (2222)

8) Application software developer (2223)

9) Web developer (2224 舊2228)

10) Data Expert (2231 舊2224)

11) Network system developer (2232 舊2225)

12) Information Security Specialist (2233 舊2226)

13) Architect (2311)

14) Architectural engineering engineer (2312-newly established)

15) Civil engineering expert (2313 舊2312)

16) Landscape Engineer (2314 舊2313)

17) Urban and transportation experts (2315 舊2314)

18) Chemical Engineering Technician (2321)

19) Metal/Material Engineering Technician (2331)

20) Electrical Engineering Engineer (2341 舊2351)

21) Electronic Engineering Technician (2342 舊2352)

22) Mechanical engineering engineer (2351 舊2353)

23) Plant Engineering Engineer (23512 舊23532)

24) Robotics Expert (2352)

25) Automobile·Shipbuilding·Airplane·Railway Vehicle Engineering Expert (S2353)

26) Occupational Safety and Risk Expert (2364)

27) Environmental Engineering Engineer (2371 舊2341)

28) Gas and Energy Engineer (2372 舊9233)

29) Textile Engineering Technician (2392)

30) History of Drafting (2395 舊2396)

31) Nurse(2430)

32) University Lecturer (2512)

33) Technical Instructor at Overseas Technical College (2543)

34) Education related experts (2 5 91 舊25919)

35) Teachers at foreign schools, foreign educational institutions, international schools, and gifted schools (2599)

36) Legal Expert (261)

37) Government and Public Administration Specialist (2620)

38) Special agency administrative personnel (S2620)

39) Management and diagnosis expert (2715)

40) Finance and Insurance Specialist (272)

41) Product Planning Expert (2731)

42) Travel Product Developer (2732)

43) Advertising and PR Specialist (2733)

44) Research Specialist (2734)

45) Event planner (2735)

46) Overseas Salesperson (2742)

47) Technical Salesperson (2743)

48) Technology management expert (S2743)

49) Translator/Interpreter (2814)

50) Announcer (28331)

51) Designer(285)

52) Video related designer (S2855)

end . Office worker : 5 Occupation => E-7-2

1) Duty free shop or sales clerk in Jeju English Education City (31215)

2) Air transport clerk (31264)

3) Hotel receptionist clerk (3922)

4) Medical Coordinator (S3922)

5) Customer consultation clerk (3991)

I . Service worker : 4 Dog occupation => E-7-2

1) Transportation service worker (431)

2) Tourist interpreter guide (43213)

3) Casino Dealer (43291)

4) Chef and cook (441)

end . General technical personnel : 6 Dog occupation => E-7-3

1) Animal breeder (61395)

2) Aquaculture engineer (6301)

3) Halal slaughterhouse (7103)

4) Musical instrument manufacturer and tuner (7303)

5) Shipbuilding welder (7430)

6) Aircraft maintenance personnel (7521)

I . Skilled and skilled manpower ( Score system ): 3 Dog occupation => E-7-4

1) Skilled craftsman of root industry company (S740)

2) Agriculture, forestry, livestock and fishery skilled craftsman (S610)

3) General manufacturer and construction company skilled craftsman (S700)

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