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2021-03-26BY Immikorea

Small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in high-tech industries are concerned about foreign workers’ turnover. After I taught them hard, I was worried that I would move to the company for a little more salary. In fact, there are many cases in small and medium-sized companies who have had a lot of difficulties due to frequent turnover of domestic professional manpower, and then expect a stable business and hire foreign manpower.

The E-7 visa is difficult to move to a company without the consent of the original employer unless the company is closed, closed, or overdue wages.

It is difficult to change work place without the consent of the original employer, and you will need to return to your home country after applying for a visa issuance certificate and get a visa again.

1. Reporting procedure

  • Report to the competent immigration office within 15 days from the date of occurrence of the reason for reporting (substitute report possible)
  • In the case of dismissal or retirement due to reasons attributable to the person in question, it is not applicable unless the consent of the plaintiff is given (In this case, you are eligible to apply for permission to change work place or visa issuance certificate)

2. Documents to be submitted

  1. Change of work place, additional notification form, passport and alien registration card
  2. Employment recommendation letter or documents proving the necessity of employment
  3. Employment contract
  4. Consent from the head of the original place of work (If the contract period expires or the date agreed to work, the submission is not permitted, and if there are reasons such as closure of the original place of work or non-payment of wages, it can be replaced with a document or reason)

3. Job types subject to prior permission for change of work location

-Sales clerks, chefs and cooks, designers, hotel receptionists, medical coordinators, aquaculture technicians, shipbuilding welding craftsmen, root industry craftsmen, general manufacturers and construction companies, farming and fishing

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