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The E-6 visa allows you to live in Korea for more than 90 days and perform artistic activities such as performances, film shooting, entertainment broadcasting, songwriting, composition, painter, photography, dance, performance, sports (including e-sports), models, actors, etc. This is a long-term visa granted to artists, broadcasters, and sportsmen who are engaged in box office activities through participation or participation.

  1. Creative Activities: Composer, painter, sculptor, craftsman, writer, photographer
  2. Art director: music, art, literature, photography, performance, dance, film, physical education
    • (e.g. professional and amateur sports coaches, orchestra conductors)
  3. A person who engages in entertainment, performances, plays, sports, etc. individually or as a group for profit.
    • (e.g. professional and amateur, esports players, etc.)
  4. Including people who accompany the makeup artist and manager

Scope of E-6 visa activity

  1. Art activities such as music, art, literature, etc. that generate profits
  2. Entrepreneurial activities for the purpose of profit appearing in entertainment, performances, plays, sports events, advertisements, fashion models, etc.

E-6 Visa Classification

  1. E-6-1 : Arts such as music, art, literature, broadcasting, entertainment activities
  2. E-6-2: Performances at hotel facilities and entertainment venues
  3. E-6-3 : Athlete, professional team manager, manager

Difference Between E-6 Visa and C-4 Visa

The E-6 visa is a long-term visa for those who reside for more than 90 days, and the C-4 visa is a short-term work visa of less than 90 days, which is issued for short-term cultural, artistic, broadcasting, and sports activities.

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The E-6 visa must first be issued with a letter of recommendation from a central ministry relevant to the applicant’s field of activity. After that, prepare visa-related documents along with a letter of recommendation and submit it to the immigration office for visa approval.

In case of invitation from abroad

Prepare employment recommendation documents
-> Issuance of employment recommendation letter from the relevant central government department
-> Submit visa-related documents with an employment recommendation letter
-> Immigration office visa screening
-> Issuance of visa recognition number upon permission
-> Apply for issuance of a visa to the Korean consulate in the foreigner’s home country with a visa recognition number
-> Korea entry
-> Issuance of alien registration card

When changing qualifications in Korea

Prepare employment recommendation documents
-> Issuance of employment recommendation letter from the central government in charge
-> Submit visa-related documents with an employment recommendation letter
-> Visa screening at the competent immigration office
-> Change of alien registration card

For the E-6 visa, the administrative agency that issues the employment recommendation letter is different depending on the field of activity, and the required documents are also different. Documents related to the applicant’s qualifications are also required.

  1. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Singer, actor, model, e-sports
  2. Video Rating Committee: Performances in accordance with the Performance Act, hotels, and entertainment establishments
  3. Korea Communications Commission: Appearing in terrestrial broadcasting
  4. Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication: Appeared in cable, iptv broadcasting
  1. Visa issuance certificate or integrated application
  2. Copy of invitee’s passport
  3. 1 photo
  4. Certificate of Qualification, Certificate of Experience
  5. In case of minor, consent form of legal representative
  6. Business Registration
  7. Copy of employment contract
  8. Documents required for qualification according to the field of activity
  9. Employment recommendation letter from the competent department
  10. Identity guarantee
* Submission of additional documents is required depending on the field of activity

Foreigners registered for E-6 status who need to stay in Japan continuously due to extension of the employment contract period or change of work place, etc. can apply for extension of the period of stay. When extending the period of stay, a new employment recommendation letter must be issued and documents such as the previous year’s activities must be submitted.

  1. Permission period: In general, the duration of the employment contract is +1 month.
  2. Documents to be submitted
    • Application form, passport, alien registration card, fee
    • Employment recommendation letter or performance recommendation letter
    • Employment contract
    • A copy of business registration certificate
    • Documents proving the place of stay
    • A copy of the previously submitted activity plan
    • Activity report
    • Other documents required for examination (certificate of employment, employment status of foreigners, wage and salary income withholding department, etc.)

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