2022-12-26BY Immikorea

E6 비자 영화촬영 배우 스텝

With an E6 visa, you can invite foreign directors and foreign actors for films filmed in Korea. If the filming period is longer than 3 months, you can apply for an E6 visa, and if the filming period is less than 3 months, you can apply for a short-term work visa (C-4-5).

If you receive an E6 visa, which is a long-term stay visa, you will receive an alien registration card, and there is a re-entry approval procedure, but you are free to enter and leave the country.

In order to obtain an E6 visa, it is necessary to obtain an employment recommendation letter from the central agency in charge of the field in advance. For filming, you must obtain an employment recommendation letter from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. After the employment recommendation has been issued, prepare your visa documents and submit them to the Immigration Office and you will receive a visa approval number.

All visas are difficult, but in the case of the E6 visa, you need to go through two steps: a recommendation letter for employment and a visa review at the immigration office, and there are many types of documents to prepare, so it takes at least one month. The examination period is only one month, and it is desirable to start preparations two months in advance, including receipt of required documents from foreigners and preparation of company-related documents.

Recently, with the diversification of video media, the production of video content such as YouTube and Netflix is also being carried out in various ways.

  1. official request
  2. foreigner resume
  3. passport copy
  4. Identity guarantee
  5. work introduction
  6. scenario
  7. production schedule
  8. production amount
  9. Company introduction (including the last 3 years of film production)
  10. Copy of contract, copy of international co-production contract
  11. Business Registration
  12. Corporate Seal Certificate
  13. Production report (distribution report, film business report, etc.)
  14. In addition to the above documents, other materials required for review may be requested. (Certificate of employment, foreign employment status, company tax payment record, etc.)

Prepare employment recommendation documents
-> Issuance of employment recommendation letter by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (2 weeks)
-> Submit visa-related documents with an employment recommendation letter
-> Visa screening at the immigration office (takes 2 weeks)
-> Issuance of visa recognition number upon permission
-> Apply for issuance of a visa to the Korean consulate in the foreigner’s home country with a visa recognition number
-> Korea entry
-> Issuance of alien registration card
  • * The time required may vary depending on the situation of the immigration office in each region.

In order to extend the period of E-6 visa stay, a recommendation letter for employment must be reissued, and performance (photos, news articles, etc.) You may also be required to submit a contract and proof of residency.