E-2 visa native speaker qualifications and required documents

E-2 visa instructor qualification requirements

Country to be invited

A total of 7 countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa, whose native language is English.

Inviting institutions

Foreign language specialized academies, broadcasting companies and training centers, foreign language conversation instruction by educational institutions or research institutes and organizations of elementary school or higher, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities (E-1), continuing education facilities, vocational development training facilities, education and training of construction technology personnel, Conversation instructional learning institution

Qualifications of native English instructors

  1. Graduated from a university or higher in the corresponding foreign language (Bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degree holders)
  2. Those who have graduated from high school or college in their home country and obtained a bachelor’s degree from a Korean university

Qualifications as a native speaker instructor at an educational institution of elementary school or higher

English Assistant Instructor

Those who have graduated from university and received a bachelor’s degree in their home country with a nationality who speaks English as their first language.

Chinese Assistant Instructor

Chinese nationals with a bachelor’s degree or higher and a Chinese teacher’s license issued by the Chinese Korean Language Office.

Indian instructor

Those who have graduated from an Indian university or higher in accordance with an agreement between India and Korea and hold a bachelor’s degree in English and a teacher’s license.

Government-invited English volunteer scholarship students

Those who speak English as their native language and must have completed at least two years of college in their country of origin and have graduated from a vocational college or higher, or have attended a Korean university for at least two years after having received regular education for at least 10 years in English.

E-2 visa invitation preparation documents

Documents for instructor preparation

  1. passport copy
  2. 1 photo (passport photo)
  3. resume
  4. Self-health certificate
  5. Degree certificate (Apostille or consular confirmation)
  6. Overseas criminal record certificate (Apostille or consular confirmation)

School preparation documents

  1. Application for visa issuance authorization
  2. A copy of business registration certificate
  3. Original and copy of employment contract
  4. Copy of school establishment operation certificate
  5. E-2 visa instructor status
  6. Instructor timetable
  7. Instructor utilization plan
  8. Power of attorney (director’s signature or corporate seal)
  9. Copy of representative ID card
  10. When the institute invites a native speaker for the first time, attach a drawing and a photo of the institute

E1, E2~E6, E7 spouse's instructor allowed

Even if you do not belong to an English-speaking nationality as a spouse of an E-scholar visa and an international student (Master of Science, Ph.

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