Deregulation of entry is lifted and entry is permitted in case of deportation

Implications of deregulation

Deregulation of entry is to re-enter a person who has been deported from Korea due to various reasons such as immigration violations.

When you are deported from Korea, you will be deported after receiving a period of restrictions on entry depending on the severity of the case. Therefore, after the immigration regulation period is over, the immigration regulation period is automatically lifted. (General Off)

However, just because the immigration control period is lifted does not mean that you can enter the country immediately. This is because a visa is not an application, but a permit.

This is why entry is denied even though the entry ban has passed.

Anyone who is denied entry may explain the reason for requiring entry for national interests or humanitarian reasons and request the Minister of Justice to lift entry restrictions.

In addition, even if the immigration control period has not passed, you can try to apply for cancellation if there are humanitarian reasons. (Special cancellation)

General immigration period

How to deregulate entry

The application for deregulation of entry is made at the Korean embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country.

After submitting the visa application documents and reasons, the head of the consulate is reviewed and suggested to the Minister of Justice of Korea to lift the entry restrictions. After approval, the visa is issued and the entry restrictions are lifted.

It is very important to write a petition for the reason for the cancellation of the immigration regulation, a reflection statement, a list of petitions, a medical certificate (severe disease, etc.), a doctor’s note (nursing opinion, etc.), a wedding invitation, a permanent resident, a statement of reasons for parenting, etc.

In other words, it is an important variable in visa issuance that the head of the relevant mission is well supplemented with physical and psychological data that can relieve entry restrictions.

In addition, even if you have been granted a visa through this procedure, you may be denied entry if there are any new facts that appear during the immigration process.

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