basic requirements

  1. The investment target must be a company run by Korean citizens.
  2. Own at least 10/100 of the total number of stocks of a company with an investment of 100 million won or more, and be registered as a co-representative with a Korean with business registration certificate. * “R&D facilities” designated by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy in accordance with the Enforcement Regulations of the Foreign Investment Promotion Act are 30/100 or more
  3. The business capital of the public who is a joint business operator must be at least 100 million won.
  4. “R&D facility” must have at least 5 research personnel with at least 3 years of research experience or at least a master’s degree with a bachelor’s degree

Foreign Investment Report
⇒ Remittance of foreign investment funds
⇒ Company establishment registration
⇒ Business registration and incorporation report
⇒ Transfer of paid-in capital to corporate account
⇒ Registered as a foreign-invested company
⇒ Issuance of D-8 visa

D-8-3 Visa Application Documents

  1. Application form, passport, photo
  2. Copy of foreign-invested company registration certificate
  3. Documents proving business funds (use details) of citizens who are joint business operators
  4. A copy of the business registration certificate showing the joint business operator, the original joint business agreement
  5. Dispatch order (specify the period of dispatch) and proof of employment
  6. R&D facilities are designated by a letter of designation and a list of working personnel
  7. Documents related to the introduction of investment funds

Additional documents to be submitted if the investment is less than 300 million won

  1. Documents proving the use of capital (purchase receipts, office interior expenses, statements of deposits and withdrawals in domestic bank accounts, etc.)
  2. Documents proving the existence of the workplace (office lease agreement, business view, office space, signage photo, etc.)
  3. Documents related to business experience in the relevant industry or field (if necessary)
  4. Small investors with less than 300 million won and no business experience are subject to detailed examination

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