D8 Investment Visa

D8 Visa Investment Visa is a visa issued to foreigners when they do business in Korea.

Although the Ministry of Justice actively permits foreign investment for corporate globalization and to attract excellent foreign talent with excellent technology, in reality, the D8 investment visa is the most complicated, complicated and time-consuming visa.

D8 Visa There are four types of investment visas as follows, depending on whether there is an investment amount, an investor’s qualifications, an investment target, etc. Generally speaking, investment visa means D-8-1 visa to establish a corporation in Korea. This article focuses on the D-8-1 visa. For other types please click the green button below

The most common type of D8 visa investment visa applicant is when an individual transfers money directly from a foreign country to establish a corporation in Korea and conduct a private business as the CEO. In this case, it is possible to invest more than 100 million won in capital, but the method of remittance, the source of the funds, the status of the business site, the investor’s related business experience, and the sincerity of the business are reviewed very carefully. If the investment amount is 300 million won or more, it is a little less demanding, but if it is less than that, an actual immigration official visits the business site and inspects the site in many cases, and the review period may take 2 to 6 months.

D8 Visa Another type of investment visa applicant is for a foreign corporation to invest in Korea to establish a corporation and dispatch executives, senior managers and experts. One person can be dispatched for every 100 million won of investment, and other professional personnel, except executives, must go through strict paperwork procedures.

basic requirements

  1. The investment target must be a Korean corporation.
  2. Owns 10/100 or more of the total number of voting stocks of a corporation with an investment amount of 100 million won or more

D8 Visa The investment visa starts with a foreign investment declaration and opening an account with a domestic bank in Korea. All tasks can be delegated by the agency through the power of attorney.

Foreign Investment Report
⇒ Remittance of foreign investment funds
⇒ Company establishment registration
⇒ Business registration and incorporation report
⇒ Transfer of paid-in capital to corporate account
⇒ Registered as a foreign-invested company
⇒ Issuance of D-8 visa
d8비자 외국인투자기업등록증명서

D8 Visa In order to apply for an investment visa, you will have to pay a lot of money in advance to make overseas remittances, establish a corporation in Korea, and set up a business place. However, if the following procedures are done incorrectly, not only will the visa be denied, but the cost of the past will be in vain, and the need to prepare from scratch may be devastating.

  1. sender’s name
    • – In the case of an investment visa, the sender should only send money in the name of himself/herself, wife, and minor children. Remittances made in the name of a parent or sibling are not currently recognized as an investment. This is a difficult part because each country has a limit on the amount of overseas remittances per year.
  2. source of funds
    • – Some people invest money by receiving money from their parents or borrowing money from acquaintances. In this case, the source from which the funds were legitimately formed through various bankbook deposit and withdrawal records and gift records are reviewed very rigorously. If you cannot prove it, it will be a reason for disapproval, so be sure to consult with an expert before making a decision.
  3. business authenticity
    • – There is a strict screening process as to whether you are applying for an investment visa just for the purpose of staying in Korea. To do this, you will need to prepare a lot of supporting materials about the applicant’s relevant business experience, the level of readiness of the place of business, and a business plan.

D8 Visa There are many types of documents that you need to prepare for the investment visa, but if you do not meet the core screening criteria, you may be rejected. In addition, if the permit is denied, you will lose a lot of time and money, so we recommend that you do it with a professional with a lot of experience.

D-8-1 Visa Application Documents

  1. Application form, passport, photo
  2. Copy of Foreign Investment Report Certificate
  3. Foreign-invested company registration certificate
  4. Business Registration
  5. Certificate of all corporate registration details
  6. Original shareholder change statement
  7. Documents proving the introduction of investment funds
  8. Dispatch order or certificate of employment in case of residency

Additional documents to be submitted if the investment is less than 300 million won

  1. Documents proving the use of capital (purchase receipts, office interior expenses, statements of deposits and withdrawals in domestic bank accounts, etc.)
  2. Documents proving the existence of the workplace (office lease agreement, business view, office space, signage photo, etc.)
  3. Documents related to business experience in the relevant industry or field (if necessary)
  1. Integrated application
  2. Tuberculosis Checkup Table (if necessary)
  3. Passport and alien registration card
  4. A copy of business registration certificate
  5. Certificate of all corporate registration details within 3 months
  6. Business performance (export and import performance, etc.)
    • – Proof of payment details (including corporate tax and wage and salary income tax)
    • – Export declaration certificate (export-import license)
    • – VAT tax base certification
    • – Proof of export payment (deposit and withdrawal statement from bank account)
    • – Income statement among settlement statements
  7. Personal tax payment certificate or earned income withholding tax receipt
  8. Occupational Annual Income Statement
  9. Copy of proof of residence
  10. Copy of office lease agreement
  11. Copy of corporate passbook and corporate passbook transaction details

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