D7 Visa

In the global era, the number of Korean companies entering overseas markets is increasing, and the number of foreign companies setting up branches, branches, and liaison offices in Korea is also increasing. The D7 visa is issued for dispatch of personnel working in these headquarters and branches.

In order to prevent reckless visa application, the D7 visa is subject to strict screening based on the applicant’s tenure, position, company requirements, etc.

A person who has worked for more than one year at the head office, branch, or other business place of a foreign public institution, organization, or company and intends to work as an essential professional manpower (executive officer, senior manager, expert) in an affiliated company, subsidiary, branch or office in Korea ruler.

Exemption or relaxation of the one-year work requirement at headquarters

  1. If you want to engage in national key industries or national projects (power plants, trains, subways, etc.)
  2. In other cases, if the Minister of Justice deems it necessary, the requirement to work for more than one year is not applied.
  3. Even if the work experience is less than 1 year, if there is work experience in the same or similar industry at another company, the relevant work experience is recognized.

Scope of Required Professionals

  3. SPECIALIST: A person with a high degree of professional and exclusive experience and knowledge essential for research, design, technology, and management of the company’s service.

Important points when applying for a D7 visa

It is important to have basic documents when applying for a D7 visa, but in general, senior managers and general employees are dispatched rather than executives. can.

Documents to prepare for D7 visa application (headquarters and branch documents, dispatched documents)

  1. application
  2. passport copy
  3. resume
  4. Diploma
  5. A copy of business registration certificate
  6. Dispatch order
  7. reason for dispatch
  8. Headquarters Introduction
  9. office lease agreement
  10. Foreign exchange purchase certificate
  11. Corporate passbook usage history
  12. Corporate tax documents
  13. Corporate registration documents
  14. warrant

* Depending on the situation, documents may be added or subtracted.

A person who has worked for at least one year at a local corporation or overseas branch established by a listed corporation or public institution, and is dispatched to the head office or head office in Korea to provide or receive specialized knowledge, technology or skills

  • -For local subsidiaries and overseas branches, the investment amount of the head office must be more than 500,000 dollars.
  • – If the head office is a public institution, the investment amount requirement does not apply

Documents to prepare for D7 visa application

  1. application
  2. passport copy
  3. Copy of Resident ID (if Chinese)
  4. CV, career certificate
  5. Invitation letter
  6. Certificate of all registered matters of the head office (public institutions omitted)
  7. Overseas direct investment report receipt (local corporation)
  8. Overseas branch installation report (overseas branch)
  9. A certified copy of corporate registration and business registration certificate of overseas branch offices
  10. Overseas remittance confirmation document
  11. Personnel order (dispatch order) * Specify the dispatch period
  12. Overseas branch employment certificate
  13. Proof of payment history (certificate of tax payment)

A person who holds D-8 qualifications and works as an essential professional manpower for a foreign-invested company, and is a legal resident who intends to work under an order to be dispatched to a domestic branch, subsidiary, presiding office, or affiliated company established by a foreign company in the same affiliate

Documents to prepare for D7 visa application

  1. Application form, passport and alien registration card, photo
  2. reason for application
  3. Dispatch order (issued by overseas headquarters) Original or proof of expected employment
  4. A copy of the foreign company’s permission to establish a domestic branch or a copy of the permission to establish a liaison office (issued by a foreign exchange bank)
  5. Documents proving the same affiliated foreign company (certificate of all corporate registration details, etc.)
  6. A document proving the performance of introducing operating funds, such as an annual tax payment certificate or a foreign exchange purchase certificate of the company you intend to work for
  7. Original office lease agreement
  8. Foreigners working
  9. If necessary, the original proof of personal tax payment (earned and earned income withholding tax receipt (last year) or proof of income amount (recent)

* For new branch offices and applicants who violate the Immigration Control Act, be sure to investigate the situation (confirmation required)

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