Those who are eligible for a D-6 religious visa

D-6 Religious Visa Requirements and Documents

The D-6 religious visa is for domestic or foreign religious groups to engage in evangelism, missionary, and social welfare activities in Korea. This visa is issued when foreign priests, missionaries, evangelists, pastors, monks, etc. are invited.

  1. Those who are dispatched from a foreign religious or social welfare organization and intend to work at a branch registered in Korea.
  2. A person who is dispatched from a foreign religious organization or social welfare organization and intends to engage in religious activities at a related domestic religious organization.
  3. A person who is recommended by a domestic religious group and intends to conduct water service, training, or research activities in that religious group.
  4. People who are invited from domestic religious or social welfare organizations and engage only in social welfare activities

Notes on Issuing a D-6 Religious Visa

  1. There must be an order for dispatch at the parliamentary or denomination level. The pastor of the unit church cannot be invited.
  2. It is almost impossible to change your visa while staying in Korea. You must get a visa and come in from a foreign country
    • -After obtaining approval for issuance of a visa at the immigration office in Korea, you must obtain a visa at a foreign embassy.
    • -Exceptions to Germany and Canada
  3. The invitee is a religious person and must have a certificate of identification.
  4. You shouldn’t get a job at church or do anything for profit.

Main documents to be submitted

  1. Visa issuance approval application form, passport copy, 1 photo
  2. Invitation letter
  3. Dispatch order: issuance of end (denomination)
  4. Religious organization establishment permit or social welfare organization establishment permit
  5. Copy of business registration card or unique number card: In the case of invitation from a religious group, submit both the tertiary (denomination) and unit religious group
  6. Documents related to support for sojourn expenses of the affiliated organization
  7. Copy of business registration card or unique number card
  8. Lease contract, etc.
  9. * Depending on the invitation situation, the documents may be applied differently and may be added or subtracted.

Extracurricular activities available to D-6 visa holders

  1. Can attend elementary, middle and high schools
  2. Conversational instruction at the level of co-workers or community service is possible.
  3. D-6 religious visa from the same religious foundation< -> E-1 professor visa mutual activities are possible

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