D-4-3 Student Visa

If you want to study at an educational institution below high school in Korea, you will receive a D-4-3 visa. It is also possible to enter the country with one parent as a guardian. When entering a high school dormitory, students can study alone.

target school

  1. Elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in accordance with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (excluding civic schools, high civic schools, broadcasting and communication middle and high schools, and technical high schools)
  2. foreign school
  3. Foreign educational institutions under the Special Act on the Establishment and Operation of Foreign Educational Institutions in Free Economic Zones and Jeju Free International City


  1. Foreign students invited by government educational institutions or public institutions – Foreign students who are expected to enter or are currently enrolled after obtaining prior admission from the above educational institutions, who have a designated guardian who meets the requirements for accommodation expenses, etc.
  2. Self-Paid Foreign Students – In the case of self-funded study abroad, foreign schools, international schools, and private schools are the principle. In elementary and middle schools in charge of compulsory education for citizens, an invitation letter from the principal is required.

guardianship system

Since international students are minors, there is a guardianship system to take care of them. A guardian must have certain financial ability and the number of international students who can be sponsored by each guardian is limited to 2 or less.

  1. Guardianship
    1. Korean nationals residing in Korea
    2. Long-term residence visa holders who have registered as foreigners
    3. Parents of international students traveling together
  2. Demonstrating the guardian’s financial ability
    1. Annual income of more than 1 times GNI (37.5 million won) or assets of 200 million or more (you and your spouse can be combined)
    2. Proof of withholding tax receipts issued by domestic and foreign government agencies or banks, proof of real estate ownership, real estate transaction contract, and a certificate of deposit balance that has been deposited for more than one month
  3. When guardianship is exempted: High school students who live in dormitories (requires confirmation from the principal)
  4. If an international student has a parent or relative in Korea and is eligible for the F-1 Visa or Accompanying F-3 Visa, the D-4-3 Visa is not applicable.

D-4-3 Documents to prepare

  1. Visa issuance application form / passport photo
  2. A copy of the school’s business registration certificate (or identification number)
  3. Guardianship Guarantee: Write a guardianship guarantee even if the parent becomes a guardian
  4. Documents proving the guardian’s financial ability
  5. passport copy
  6. admission letter
  7. Original documents proving your final academic background (Certificate of Enrollment or Graduation Certificate)
  8. Materials that can confirm the details of tuition (school official documents or application guidelines, etc.)
  9. Documents proving the cost of stay (tuition fee + living expenses for 1 year)
    1. Certificate of Tuition Payment
    2. Living expenses and living expenses for one year (bank balance certificate that has been deposited for more than one month, equivalent to KRW 9.5 million per person, additional KRW 19 million worth of KRW 19 million when accompanied by one parent)
  10. Documents proving family relationship
    1. – Documents that can identify the parents’ English name must be attached (write the English name in the Korean translation, attach a copy of the passport, etc.)
    2. Restrictions on visa issuance if parents are currently illegally residing


  1. Documents to be submitted
    1. Documents to be submitted are in principle of original screening (except where it is specified as a copy)
    2. Documents written in a foreign language must be accompanied by a translated version, and a translator’s confirmation letter must be submitted together with the translated version.
  2. In the case of middle and high schools centered on technical education (vocational high school, special purpose high school: Meister school, etc., specialized high school: animation high school, culinary science high school, design high school, tourism high school, oriental medicine specialized high school, etc.), please visit us after bringing documents.
  3. When applying for an agent: Power of attorney, proof of employment of agent, copy of agent’s ID required
  4. If it is necessary for the examination, the application by proxy is limited and supplementary documents may be requested.
  5. When applying for issuance of a visa at a diplomatic mission abroad, it is possible to apply if the remaining validity of the passport is more than 6 months.
  6. When applying for a visa at a diplomatic mission abroad: Submit a tuberculosis diagnosis certificate issued by a hospital designated by the diplomatic mission abroad
  7. For citizens of the countries below, only self-funded international students are eligible for a visa issuance certificate
    1. China, Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Peru

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