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D8 visa case (metal export business)

2023-07-12BY Immikorea

Case of issuance of D8 visa for export of scrap metal and non-ferrous metal (increased capital to a foreign-invested corporation) D8 visa request d

liaison office set up in Korea

2023-07-12BY Immikorea

liaison office Purpose and tasks liaison office is established to carry out tasks such as local contact work, market research, research and develop

Requirements and Procedures for Establishing a Foreign Investment Corporation

2023-07-12BY Immikorea

Foreign investment corporation capital In the case of establishing a foreign investment corporation, a foreign company or foreigner must invest KRW

D8 Visa Extension

2023-06-22BY Immikorea

Main points of D8 visa extension The main point of the D8 visa extension review is business performance. Since the D8 visa is an investment visa re

D8 Visa International Student Change from D2 Visa to D8 Visa

2023-01-15BY Immikorea

Cases of change from D2 visa to D8 visa for international students with D8 visa Mr. A, a Chinese international student, came to Korea to study and

D8 visa used car export company issuance case

2023-01-15BY Immikorea

D8 visa used car export company issuance case Trade industries such as used car exports are industries with high demand for D8 visas. Mr. A, a Chin

D8 Visa Korea Investment Corporation Establishment Procedure

2023-01-08BY Immikorea

Foreigner’s Korean Investment Corporation Establishment Procedure The D8 visa Korean investment company establishment procedure proceeds in the f

D-8-4 Investment Visa (Technology Startup)

2023-01-07BY Immikorea

D-8-4 Basic Requirements for Investment Visa A person who has obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher in Korea, a person who has obtained a ba

D-8-3 Investment Visa to Korean companies

2023-01-07BY Immikorea

D-8-3 Investor visa basic requirements The D-8-3 investment visa is to invest in a company run by a Korean in the form of a partnership. basic requ

D8 Visa : Dispatched to a Korean foreign investment company

2022-12-30BY Immikorea

D8 Visa: Dispatch of executives of “Korean investment companies” of overseas corporations The D8 visa is divided into individual invest