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F-2-15 visa : In case of raising a child until the age of majority after divorce

2023-01-08BY Immikorea

Applicants for F-2-15 Eligible applicants for the F-2-15 visa are foreign fathers or mothers who raised a child born to a Korean spouse until they

E-6 visa film director and actor, staff

2022-12-26BY Immikorea

Invitation of E6 visa film directors, actors and staff With an E6 visa, you can invite foreign directors and foreign actors for films filmed in Kor

E6 visa model invitation requirements

2022-12-26BY Immikorea

E6 visa model invitation. With the popularity of the Korean wave, many talents in the arts and culture are looking for Korea. In line with this, th

E-6 Visa E-Sports Athletes and Broadcasters

2022-12-24BY Immikorea

E-6 Visa e-sports players and casters E-Sports has become a global sport representing Korea, to the extent that people around the world think of Ko

E-6 Visa Entertainment, Art, Sports Fields

2022-12-23BY Immikorea

E-6 visa applicants and scope of activities E-6 visa is for those who wish to engage in artistic activities such as performance, film, broadcasting