C-4-5 Visa Visa for short-term business trips, dispatch, and service contracts for foreigners
Learn about the requirements for issuing a C-4 visa

The C-4 visa is dispatched to Korea by contracts for providing various services such as installation and repair of imported machinery, production of shipbuilding and industrial facilities, and supervision, purchase contracts, and business order contracts, and pays conservative expenses such as staying expenses from domestic public and private institutions. If you want to receive and work. Also, if you wish to engage in activities directly under a contract with a private institution, you can enter Korea with a C-4-5 short-term work visa.

Even if conservative expenses are paid from overseas, not domestically, you can enter Korea with a short-term work visa even if you are providing practical services or performing practical work. However, the simple labor industry is not eligible.

If there is no conservative expense or cost C-3-4 short-term visa You can enter the country with

When issuing a C-4 visa, prepare the following documents to enter the country where the invited foreigner resides.

You can submit it to the embassy or consulate.

Documents for C-4 Visa

  1. Application for visa issuance
  2. passport
  3. Picture
  4. Service contract or purchase contract, a copy of the business contract
  5. Dispatch order or travel order
  6. Business-related licenses and resumes of foreigners to be invited
  7. Business registration certificate of the inviting company
  8. Documents proving the place of stay
  9. Documents proving transaction performance
  10. Explaining data on the recognition of technology that is difficult to procure in Korea
  11. Health confirmation due to recent coronavirus, Consent for quarantine, PCR test issued within 72 hours before boarding the aircraft ( Those exempt from quarantine can be omitted)
C-4 Visa Documents Dispatch Order
Dispatch order
Sample invitation letter for C-4 visa invitation
Sample invitation letter
C-4 visa invitation service contract
English translation of service contract required
Not all of the above documents are to be submitted, but you can select and submit according to the situation.
In principle, the period of stay for the C-4 visa is set for 90 days, so the period of activity may be short except for the corona isolation period. So, many companies often apply for a quarantine waiver.
Quarantine waivers go through a strict verification process because it is an urgent need to sign a contract, has a significant impact on the interests of the company, or is approved only to the executive level of the company, and it is highly likely to be disallowed for routine work.

Find out about corona quarantine waiver: business immigration comprehensive support center

# C-4 visa is basically required to enter the country after obtaining a visa from the Korean embassy or consulate of the invitee, and the documents to be submitted for visa issuance may be applied differently depending on the circumstances of each country.

2. C-4 visa: A person who teaches conversation for less than 90 days at an English camp, etc.

If you invite a foreign instructor to run a camp at a facility outside the registered location, such as a continuing education facility, you cannot issue a visa.

If you teach in a place where lifelong education facilities are not reported, it is a violation of the establishment and operation of the training center. And visa issuance is not permitted.

<Documents to be submitted >

  1. Application for visa issuance (with photo)
  2. Passport, fee
  3. Verification documents related to degree
  4. Criminal record certificate (Apostille confirmation)
  5. Employment contract
  6. Business registration certificate, certified copy of corporate registration, or documents related to establishment of educational institutions
  7. Documents related to acceptance and designation of reports of lifelong education facilities such as a lifelong education facility registration certificate / English camp schedule and lecture schedule (indicate the corresponding foreigner participation time)
  8. The degree-related verification documents can be selected from ⅰ) a copy of the degree certificate (Apostille confirmation), ii) A certificate of obtaining a degree issued by the university (Apostille confirmation), and iii) Graduation Certificate (Apostille confirmation) with the fact of obtaining the degree. possible
# Submitted documents may be applied differently by situation and country.
The basic documents are Hi Korea Civil Application Form You can download it from.

3. C-4 visa: Those who engage in job hunting activities such as performances, advertisements, fashion models, etc., who agree to receive or receive remuneration or allowance in excess of the cost of stay apart from the prize money, and participate in sports events, Go games, music competitions, etc. Person

Performance according to the performance method

  1. Visa application form (with photo), passport, fee
  2. Performance recommendation letter from the Video Ratings Committee (exempt performances subject to exclusion of recommendation)
  3. Performance plan * (Performance excluded from recommendation) Country․ Local governments and invited performances, religious rituals, social or research presentation purposes, and public interest corporations invited to perform for the purpose of contributing to the general interests of society (Article 6 (2) of the Performance Act, Article 5 of the Concurrent Act)

Performances and activities in hotel business facilities, entertainment establishments, etc. under the Tourism Promotion Act

  1. Visa issuance application form (with photo), passport, fee
  2. Performance recommendation letter from the Video Rating Committee** Performance recommendations for performances, songs, acrobatics, and magic at tourist establishments are for the 8th US Army in Korea, a tourist hotel with a level 3 or higher under the Tourism Promotion Act, a tourist cruise ship, a resort condominium, a tourist theater entertainment business, a restaurant exclusively for foreigners, and international conference facilities. Not recommended except for’Subsidiary Facilities’ -However, performances and amusement facilities equipped with audible elements such as parades, shows, musicals, etc. at performance halls registered in accordance with the provisions of the Performance Act (eg Walkerhill Hotel, Busan Lotte Hotel, etc.) among tourism businesses (eg Everland, Lotte World, etc.) , Seoul Land, etc.) and international conference facilities (trade exhibition centers such as COEX and BEXCO, and luxury hotels such as Lotte and Hyatt) are also recommended for performances.
  3. Entertainment activity plan
  4. Certificate of qualification or experience
  5. Identity guarantee

Participation in athletic competitions, Go matches, music competitions, etc.

  1. Visa issuance application form (with photo), passport, fee
  2. Invitation letter or confirmation of participation issued by the organizer
  3. Contracts, etc. that describe the remuneration or allowances paid when participating in the event (if the details are stated in the invitation letter, submission is omitted)


  1. Visa issuance application form (with photo), passport, fee
  2. Employment recommendation letter from the head of the competent central administrative agency, etc.

* Advertisement, fashion model (recommendation letter for employment from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism), broadcaster (recommendation letter for employment by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)

Find out the employment recommendation letter

4. C-4 visa: A person who conducts lectures, research, etc. for a short period of 90 days or less in accordance with a contract that generates profits exceeding the usual cost of stay at an educational institution of a junior college or higher (a graduate school or an expert in related fields, etc.)

* Short-term visits in the event that profits (remuneration, etc.) in excess of the usual cost of staying from lectures, etc. must be generated, and only conveniences such as round-trip air tickets and room and board are provided without additional remuneration for academic exchange between universities. (C-3) Qualifications

<Documents to be submitted>

  1. Visa issuance application form (with photo), Passport, fee
  2. Employment (lecture/lecture) contract or invitation letter containing the amount of income, such as the amount of lecture fees (document requesting cooperation for issuance of a visa)
  3. Copy of applicant’s degree certificate and certificate of employment
  4. Documents related to establishment of the invited educational institution (copy of business registration card or all corporate registration information, etc.)

In the case of one-time lectures, lectures, and advisory activities by invitation rather than employment under the employment contract, under the above conditions, short-term stay status B-1 (visa exemption), B-2 (passing tourism) , C-3 (short-term visit) holders are also available

5. Extension of stay for C-4 visa

  1. In principle, it is impossible to exceed 90 days
  2. However, if there is no flight to leave the country or there are other unavoidable reasons, it is possible to grant permission to extend the period of stay for departure.

6. Change of work place for C-4 visa

  1. Short-term employment C-4 visa holders delegated the authority to change workplaces and additional permits to the head of the agency (office, branch office)
  2. No employment recommendation letter from the head of the competent department is required when changing work place (However, employment recommendation letter is required for businesses that require a letter of recommendation for employment from E-1 to E-7) Or attach a sticker with permission to change work place for short-term employment status
  3. There is no limit to the number of times to add a place of work when adding a place of work.-If the venue is changed to perform an E-6-1 qualification according to the company’s instructions, activities can be performed without a separate permission or notification procedure. For activities that fall under E-6-2, a change report is required by the employer.
  4. When applying for a change of work place for an activity other than the permitted range when issuing a short-term visa, the office and branch managers are allowed to change if the activities are highly related to each other and have the necessary qualifications (e.g., E-6-3 If you sign a contract with a performance agency or advertiser and perform broadcast appearances, singers, and model activities)
  5. Application Documents-Application form, original passport, fee, employment contract, documents related to company establishment, employment recommendation (applicable person), other documents proving the relevant field, etc.
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