C-3-4 visa Korean short-term business trip visa

C-3-4 Foreigner Korean short-term business trip visa

C-3-4 visa issuance target

  1. A person who intends to stay for a short period of time for market research, business contact, consultation, contract, small-scale trade, or similar purposes
  2. Since all short-term visit (c-3) qualifications cannot be issued to a person for profit, only when a foreign company pays the applicant’s visiting expenses and goes on a business trip to Korea, and the applicant does not receive remuneration from the Korean company. Available.
  3. Employment activities that provide certain labor skills, etc. and receive compensation equivalent to them are not eligible for c-3-4 issuance. For the purpose of a paid short-term visit, you must apply for a c-4 short-term work visa.

C-3-4 visa issuance location

1. The Korean diplomatic mission of the host country

2. When the documents are prepared and sent from Korea, the invitee can directly apply for a visa at the Korean embassy, consulate, or visa center in the country.

C-3-4 visa documents

  1. Visa issuance application
  2. 1 photo white background 3.5*4.5cm
  3. Original passport
  4. Copy of passport
  5. If you are not of the relevant nationality, the original and copy of your permanent residence card or residence visa
  6. Bank balance certificate stamped with the bank’s stamp to prove travel expenses
  7. If the travel expenses are not covered by the person himself/herself, it is replaced with a letter stating that the agent pays (signature required).
  8. Invitation letter of invitation company in Korea / Scanned copy can be submitted
  9. All supporting documents to prove the purpose of the trip / Scanned copy can be submitted
  10. Business registration certificate or registered copy/scanned copy of Korean inviting company can be submitted
  11. Applicant’s certificate of employment in the company

Additional Corona 19 Documents

  1. PCR negative confirmation
  2. Isolation Agreement

Corona quarantine exemption

If the application for quarantine exemption is passed due to essential business activities, submit it at the time of visa application

Differences from C-4 short-term work visa

The difference between a C-3-4 short-term business visa and a C-4-5 short-term work visa is the difference between whether you are paid for profit or not. Most of the documents to be submitted are similar, and the period of stay is the same at 90 days. The difference is that when issuing a C-4-5 visa, an additional labor contract must be submitted.

Ex) Foreigners dispatched to construction agencies in Korea for installation, maintenance, shipbuilding and industrial facility production, and supervision of imported machinery, etc. Since it is out of scope, short-term employment C-4, trade management D-9 visa is issued.

Points to note when applying for C-3-4

Current corona-related issues may vary depending on the country-specific situation, and the required documents may be slightly different. Please check the correct documents at the visa section of your country’s embassy before proceeding.

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